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4.9 ★ Rated by 1,900+ Substance Use & Mental Health Clients

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Rated 4.9 ★

Prevail Recovery Center

Rediscover the
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One of the most important aspects of the treatment process is transitioning through different levels of care. Experience your path to lasting recovery at our drug & alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale or Knoxville.

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4.9 ★ Rated by 1,900+ Substance Use & Mental Health Clients


Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Ft. Lauderdale, FL & Knoxville, TN

Founded by friends who fought and triumphed over their own addiction, Prevail Recovery Center is a committed and understanding space with specialized, comprehensive care and time-proven treatments to support people struggling with their own addictions. We focus on mild and severe cases, guiding clients through recovery so they too can prevail in their sobriety.
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Prevail Recovery Center takes each individual patient and looks beyond the drug and alcohol addictions of today to assess the deeper traumas and root issues of the past that created the user who is now seeking help and the freedom of sobriety.

Our comprehensive treatment approach heals addiction with multiple levels of care based on the individual’s needs, helping to reach, keep and maintain a healthy, sober life. If you or your loved one is suffering and needs help to live in the present and enjoy a healthy productive sober life, we are here to help.

Fort Lauderdale, FL & Knoxville, TN Drug Rehab Programs


Partial Hospitalization

Although addiction is difficult to overcome, it is a treatable disease. If the person suffering from an addiction can see that they have a problem and would like to put in the effort to make a change, there are methods to help them overcome the battle with substance use disorder.
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Integrative Medicine

Prevail Recovery Center integrates the best of modern Western scientific knowledge with ancient Eastern holistic options to address the mind, body and soul during the recovery process. This integrative philosophy delivers the best care possible and opens up the greatest selection of personalized recovery.
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Prevail Recovery Center offers several different treatment options for those looking to recover from addiction and/or behavioral health disorder, and all our programs are personalized based on each patient’s individual needs. Outpatient treatment is a recovery program that is offered to people experiencing a milder addiction or behavioral health disorder or as a follow-up to our Intensive Outpatient Program or Partial Hospitalization Program.
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Family Therapy

Addiction is truly a ‘family disease’ because of its effect on not only the addict, but also the entire family. Although those suffering from an addiction are the ones with the disorder, family members can be just as affected and can develop subsequent effects of the disease.
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Dual Diagnosis

Many people who suffer from addiction also suffer from what’s called a ‘co-occurring disorder,’ meaning that the addiction coincides with a mental or behavioral health disorder. Statistically, about half of those suffering from a mental disorder will also experience addiction at some point in their lives and vice versa.
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