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What is the Relationship Between Addiction and Codependency?

2022-12-22 18:57:48

What is the Relationship Between Addiction and Codependency?

Most people these days know a thing or two about addiction. What you might know, though, is the role that relationships play in addiction. All of our relationships have an impact on and are impacted by a person with an addiction. Though we often look to our friends and loved ones for support, especially during addiction treatment and recovery, not all relationships are beneficial. Some relationships that form around addiction and other negative behaviors can actually harm both parties in the relationship. 

To be able to break the cycle of addiction, get the help you need and stay sober for the long term, it is vital to recognize these types of relationships, what causes them, and how to deal with them and still get the help you need with your addiction. What we are talking about here is the formation of codependent relationships. Codependency is a serious issue, and many times addiction and codependency go hand in hand. 

At Find Luxury Rehabs, it is our mission to get those who need addiction treatment the help they need. We do so by connecting clients to services where they live. Before we can do that, however, the person with the addiction must realize they have a problem and need help. 

In this post, we will look at codependency and addiction, including what codependency is, the signs of a codependent relationship, how drug addiction and codependency are linked, and how we can help you find help. 

What is Codependency?

Codependency is defined as when one person is reliant upon another to an excessive degree. The other person often overlooks negative behavior and performs all the primary care functions for the dependent. Most often, codependency is the result of negative behavior on the part of the dependent that leaves them unable to care for themselves properly. 

The dependee in the relationship cares for the person’s basic needs. It typically feels like an obsession with caregiving, especially for someone struggling with addiction and mental health issues. While the dependent is the one suffering, codependency reflects the problems with both partners in a relationship. 

What Are the Signs of a Codependent Relationship?

There are certain signs that suggest someone may be in a codependent relationship. Though each relationship and the circumstances surrounding it are different, certain behaviors and patterns are similar among relationships that are worth noting. 

For starters, the dependent person is usually struggling with an addiction to the point that they have lost interest in their day-to-day life, including caring for themselves, their personal hygiene, or other factors. They may have withdrawn themselves away from friends and family and have a poor ability to make decisions or do things for themselves. 

For the person being depended on, they likely have a need to care for others and an obsession with seeing their dependent taken care of. They also may draw their sense of self-worth from caring for the other individual, neglecting their own wants and needs in favor of doing what is needed for the other person.

What is the Relationship Between Addiction and Codependency?

Not only is codependency common in relationships with addiction, but other factors also influence the relationship, which are harmful to both parties. 

The dependent is unable to make decisions for themselves and is solely focused on their addiction. Without outside help, they cannot realize that they have a problem and need treatment. 

The other person will hide the addiction or enable it to keep caring for the person they are attached to, even going so far as to cover for their partner to other people. This type of enabling makes it so that the codependent relationship persists, and neither person can get help because one cannot help themselves, and the other gets a sense of purpose from caring for someone. 

It is possible to move forward by realizing that you are in a codependent relationship and need help. 

How to Find Treatment For Drug Addiction and Codependency?

If you or a loved one are in a codependent relationship and need help, then now is the time to contact Find Luxury Rehabs. We have the resources necessary to help not just addicts, but their partners in the relationship as well. Contact us today and take one of our assessments to find out the right treatment for you, and let us help you move away from your negative relationship into a positive, self-reliant one. 

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