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Anthem Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Anthem Drug & Alcohol Rehab


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Overview of Anthem & Addiction Treatment

Anthem is a health insurance provider, the parent company for Blue Shield and Blue Cross. They provide service to over 70 million users. Anthem is such a prevalent health insurance provider that one out of every eight people across the United States has a healthcare plan through their company. Anthem provides coverage for substance abuse rehab, including essential drug and alcohol therapy, detox, and similar services. The behavioral health and substance abuse services they offer can help you physically manage addiction and mentally and emotionally manage your addiction after that.

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Anthem Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Anthem Insurance rehab coverage extends to outpatient, inpatient, and therapy coverage, depending on the type of plan you have. Anthem insurance plans provide Substance Abuse and Mental Health Coverage benefits, but the type of coverage you get is based on the insurance plan. What’s more, coverage will vary from one state to another. Many services like opioid detox, alcohol detox, and medically assisted detox are also covered if medically necessary. The benefits you have will determine how long Anthem health insurance will cover your rehab.


Suppose you are looking for Anthem insurance rehab coverage for an inpatient program where you remain at the facility for a designated length of time. In that case, the amount that is covered and the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket is based on the type of plan you have.


Anthem outpatient rehab is typically covered depending on the services you get and the insurance coverage you have. Anthem health insurance usually covers partial hospitalization treatment for things like initial detox and intensive outpatient treatment. If you need one-on-one therapy for things like cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, Anthem plans typically cover this.


Different types of therapies might break down your Anthem insurance coverage. Depending on the type of insurance plan you have, short-term counseling to target the underlying causes of your addiction might be covered for 12 sessions. Similarly, behavioral therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy, might be covered. Some alternative treatments like music therapy, art therapy, meditation, yoga, and acupuncture might be similarly included under your coverage. Our facility at Prevail Recovery provides a wide range of individual Psychotherapy, groupie, prevention relapse, relationship and marriage conflict therapy, family therapy, 12-step integration, as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy.


Medication is required or highly recommended in some rehab programs, particularly for opioid treatment or alcohol addiction recovery. If you are doing Anthem outpatient addiction treatment, you might find that certain medications which help you cope with your cravings are needed as part of your plan.



Does Anthem Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Anthem insurance coverage is divided into three plans:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold

Your Anthem addiction treatment coverage at an outpatient addiction rehab center or Anthem alcohol rehab center is based on the type of plan you have.

The bronze plan has a lower premium with a higher deductible for individuals or couples with limited medical needs. On the other end of the spectrum, the gold plans have the highest premiums but the lowest deductibles meant for individuals are families with regular health care needs.

What’s more, Anthem also works to provide Medicaid coverage depending on the state in which you live, so eligibility or in-network or out-of-network rehab facilities are usually limited to a 90-day stay good. Reach out to the Prevail Recovery Center admissions team today to verify your coverage and find addiction treatment in South Florida.


How to Verify AnthemInsurance Coverage

To verify your Anthem insurance coverage and see if you have Anthem Insurance rehab coverage, you can log into your account from or call BlueCard Eligibility. Additionally, you can check on Anthem outpatient coverage by reaching out to our professional admissions team. At Prevail Recovery, we can help you identify which benefits are covered in a secure, confidential fashion. When you call our team to look into Anthem-covered addiction treatment in South Florida, we will help you determine which type of drug and aloutpatient coveragecohol rehab program is best suited for your situation and then decide which level of coverage your insurance provider offers based on the plan you have. If you let us help you check your Anthem drug and alcohol rehab coverage, you are under no obligation or commitment. We are here to help in whatever way we can.

Depending on which of these policies you have, you might be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses when you utilize our rehab facility or any other rehab facility. Typically these take the form of copays and coinsurance costs. You might have deductible requirements that you have to meet, a minimum that you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance policy kicks in. You might have to undergo pre-authorization or review in some circumstances, especially if you are trying to use an inpatient rehab program. In some cases, you might have to undergo an assessment to make sure that you meet the substance abuse treatment requirements and make sure the company will cover the cost.

How Much of the Cost of Rehab is Covered by Anthem?

As mentioned, treatment planning is an individualized process, and what you need and what is covered by your insurance plan have to be assessed on an individual basis. We can help you go over the exact type of coverage you have based on your policy and any other benefits you might have to help supplement the cost of getting treatment.

What Happens If Anthem Doesn’t Cover All My Needs?

After you have confirmed your benefits with Anthem, you might find that there are still copays or out-of-pocket expenses that are not feasible at this time. Prevail Recovery is here to help you in this situation. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of you getting the help that you deserve which is why we can help you verify precisely how much money you might have to pay out-of-pocket for the type of treatment you need and determine whether you have financial eligibility through your employer, through a government program, loans, or other we can set up a payment plan that makes your ongoing costs more affordable.

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Prevail Recovery Accepts Anthem Insurance


Anthem insurance has a specific section for policyholders that target mental health. Under the behavioral health programs, this company integrates a wide range of physical and mental health needs, unlike other insurance providers.

Anthem has an extensive network of mental health care providers, including specialty physicians and therapists. Licensed in their field, our dual diagnosis treatment in Florida provides the appropriate ongoing therapy and medications to treat things like bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, or depression while also getting the help you need to recover from your addiction.

Prevail Recovery accepts Anthem insurance. So if you are ready to get help now, we can facilitate a recovery plan for alcoholism with our Anthem alcohol rehab center. You can choose to contact the Behavioral Health Care manager Department to coordinate Mental Health Services and substance abuse treatment, or you can let our team help you.

Let Prevail Recovery help you find an approved Anthem drug and alcohol rehab plan for you today.

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