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Beacon Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Beacon Drug & Alcohol Rehab


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Overview of Beacon & Addiction Treatment

Beacon Health Insurance has been around since 2014 as one of the largest privately-held companies offering health insurance. Today they provide insurance coverage for over 50 million people and have comprehensive health insurance policies for businesses. Many health insurance policies given through Beacon Health Insurance are tied to your employer and are provided by the company for whom you work. Part of those policies includes Beacon agreement coverage.

Beacon Health insurance is unique in that the company specializes in behavioral health and substance abuse disorders. So, they have some of the most flexible drug and alcohol rehab policies on the market. You will find a great deal of support, facilities, and approved professionals to help with ongoing aftercare and recovery plans, including FDA-approved, medically supervised detox, ongoing medications to prevent relapse, and different therapy programs to improve your mental health. Similarly, you can speak with your insurance provider about coverage for medicines that might be included in your mental health treatment plan after completing drug rehab.

Beacon-Covered Addiction Treatment

Beacon Behavioral  Health Support

Beacon Health insurance has a range of experts who collaborate with community-based partners and facilities in-network and out-of-network to help meet your needs and get things like opioid management programs, depression management, and access to a robust network of specialty providers. Beacon rehab coverage extends to mental health and substance use disorder services.

Over 100,000 Behavioral Health Providers and approved facilities within the Beacon insurance network are designed to target mental health and substance abuse disorders. You can reach out to your doctor or call the regular helplines associated with your account to be connected with someone who can help you identify whether you are living with mental health conditions and addiction and then facilitate a connection with the appropriate resources so that you can get rehab and treatment.



Beacon Insurance Rehab Coverage

Beacon drug and alcohol rehab coverage will vary based on the type of plan you have. There are many different plans and policies under Beacon Health Insurance. Beacon Health Options are often partnered with other insurance providers, so your coverage will be heavily influenced by what plan you have and through which partners. The degree of Beacon addiction treatment coverage you have can be determined when you call Prevail Recovery and let us verify the specific benefits you have.


We have a great deal of experience handling insurance benefits verification and checking individual coverage based on your insurance policy. You can contact Beacon directly to verify your insurance coverage depending on where you live and what partners you have for your insurance. This can be challenging, and that is why it is best to let our team identify your coverage benefits for you.

Will Beacon Insurance Pay for Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

To some degree, Beacon addiction treatment coverage is generally included with all policies. However, whether you choose inpatient or outpatient treatment plans, you typically need to meet a deductible, cover the co-pays out-of-pocket and use a provider within the approved network of rehab facilities.


What is Beacon’s Coverageor Rehab Treatment?

Beacon Insurance might pay for different levels of addiction services, including inpatient or outpatient treatment plans. Again, this comes down to your policy and the partner organization to provide your insurance coverage. If you are confused about which partners give you insurance, if any, or what range you have based on your policy number, our staff can help you precisely determine what is covered and to what degree.

Beacon Health Options plans to cover part or all of services like:

  • Screening and assessment
  • Medical exams
  • Inpatient rehab stays
  • Addiction treatment medications
  • Psychiatric evaluation and therapy

Inpatient Treatment

Beacon Health Options give a range of inpatient treatment plans. Beacon rehab coverage extends to rehab services where you live at the facility. For inpatient programs, you typically live at the facility for 30-day increments. You can choose programs that are 30 days long, 60 days long, even 90 days long. The level of coverage you get and the degree of amenities are included based on the type of plan. In most cases, with inpatient programs, you will still have to pay your co-pay or meet a minimum deductible before your insurance kicks in. Co-pays are designated by the type of plan you have, and deductibles are similarly designated by your coverage plan and refer to the total amount you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance covers the remaining balance.

Outpatient Treatment

Beacon outpatient coverage is also offered, but the degree of coverage is based on your plan. With an outpatient treatment plan, the services you need, the treatments or modalities you undergo, and the length of time you use that program are entirely personalized. What works for you might not work for someone else. That said, intensive outpatient treatment services might be covered by your insurance plan with Beacon Health as long as you use an approved facility within the network. The costs might be paid entirely, or they might be paid after you have met your deductible and co-pays.

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What If My Benefits Don’t Cover Everything?

If your Beacon addiction treatment service coverage is limited and doesn’t cover the entire cost of your rehab, we want you to feel secure in knowing that you have alternatives and can still get the help you need. When you reach out to Prevail Recovery, we will work with you to not only verify specifically how much your Beacon health insurance benefits cover, but what other programs are available at the federal level, level, even local level to help pay for the remaining balance. Private lenders often provide financing solutions. We don’t want money to inhibit your ability to get the help you truly need, which is why we work so hard to give you as many opportunities to relieve the stress of this financial burden as possible.


In or Out of Network

Part of verifying your coverage is determining what facilities are covered. You just need to verify the type of therapy your insurance will pay for, but where you can have your therapy. Beacon Health Options generally requires that you use in-network facilities. So if you want to use Beacon outpatient coverage to offset the cost of your addiction recovery plan, you need to find facilities that accept Beacon Health. Services provided at out-of-network facilities generally don’t fall under your coverage plan, which means you have to pay for your services out of pocket. This will vary from one plant to another, mainly when your plan is provided with a partnership provider.

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Prevail Recovery Programs Accepts Beacon Insurance

At Prevail Recovery, our programs accept Beacon insurance which means you can get coverage for Beacon drug and alcohol rehab and take advantage of the wide range of therapies and amenities we offer at our boutique facility.

Let Prevail Recovery help you better understand your Beacon drug and alcohol rehab coverage today.

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