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Magellan Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Prevail Recovery is proud to work with Magellan Health insurance to provide people with lifesaving Magellan health addiction treatment in South Florida. Let us help you find out what your coverage includes and how to get help without paying out of pocket.

Magellan Health insurance is a fast-growing health insurance provider specializing in mental health treatment and overall physical and mental wellness coverage. A big part of Magellan health insurance extends to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Let Prevail Recovery help you find Magellan health rehab in Florida.


What is Included in Magellan Health Insurance Programs?

The scope of treatment available to you through your Magellan health insurance will vary based on the plan you have, but you can find a multitude of affordable and accessible rehab services at any of our South Florida locations. You might have coverage for:

  • Medical detoxification
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Therapy and counseling services

In order to find out exactly what your plan will cover, contact our team. Our admissions team can verify what your insurance coverage offers. We can help you explore the addiction treatment options available to you, breaking down exactly what your insurance plan provides and what alternative you have to cover any remaining costs for Magellan Health substance use treatment.

No matter what policy you have, using the benefits available to you can save you a great deal of money and make it easier for you to start your rehab program immediately.

Prevail Recovery is a premier Florida outpatient rehab. Let Prevail Recovery help you find out more about what is included in your South Florida Magellan health substance use plan.



What is a Magellan Health Rehab Center?

A Magellan health rehab center is a rehab facility that offers Magellan health insurance rehab coverage. A Magellan Health Rehab Center is a rehab center that accepts your insurance coverage and can work with you to provide qualifying levels of care.

The most significant difference between an in-network provider and an out-of-network provider is how much coverage you get. In-network providers like Prevail Recovery negotiate rates and discounts with your healthcare provider. This means a higher percentage of your treatment is typically covered, depending on your plan. If you choose someone outside of that Network, the rates are not already negotiated, so you typically have to pay more for your services.

At Prevail Recovery, we offer things like Outpatient Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, partial hospitalization, and Services that are likely to be covered in some part by your insurance.


If you or your loved ones are struggling with addiction, the most important thing is to get help from a qualifying drug rehab in-network with Magellan health. It can be difficult to focus on recovery if you are worried about how your family will get on in your absence or whether your job will still be there for you when you finish an inpatient program. For that reason, outpatient programs offer much more flexibility and give you comprehensive treatment while still allowing you to return home to your daily responsibilities and not disrupting your quality of life.


Intensive outpatient IOP is another form of treatment that lets you get help for your addiction while still remaining present in your job and with your family. This type of treatment is good for people who want help with things like medication-assisted treatment and a structured program but still want to return home at the end of the day.

Let Prevail Recovery help you find a Magellan health rehab FL-based.


How Long Does MagellanHealth Insurance Cover Rehab

Magellan coverage is based on the plan you have. The length of time you need for your recovery is something that you should discuss with a qualifying rehab center. When you contact the admissions office for a rehab center like Prevail Recovery, we will conduct an initial assessment to help determine what your needs are. This assessment extends to information about your previous history of addiction and recovery, what substances you use, what your goals are, and of course, what your coverage options are.

We can recommend the length of time that is most likely to give you long-term sobriety and recovery with that information in mind. If, for example, you are living in a stable environment with supportive family members and you can’t afford to leave your job for a few months at a time, an outpatient program might be a good solution for you. But that solution might include a part-time schedule for three months followed by a less intense schedule of only 10 hours per week for the next few months, and then something that only has you meet once or twice per week.

Our team will review your insurance and provide information on your coverage.

  • Magellan usually covers 50% of the total cost if you use an out-of-network facility.
  • If you use an inpatient facility like Prevail Recovery, there is always a 10% copay, after which they will cover the other 90%.

If your insurance provider covers 70% after you reach your deductible and copay, we can help you determine what this means.

Most insurance providers will offer a higher percentage of coverage once you meet your deductible. The deductible is how much money you have to pay per year before your insurance plan kicks in. If you have a low premium or monthly payment, you probably have a high deductible and vice versa. Your deductible might be $5,000. In that case, we can help you review how much money you have already paid out of pocket toward that deductible for the year.

For example: You might have a deductible of $5,000. Because of previous medical appointments, you have already paid $700 toward that deductible. This means you still have to pay $4,300 out of pocket before your Magellan health insurance will cover the remainder of your rehab.

In scenarios like these, we can also help you find information on alternative ways to meet the remaining money you have to pay toward your deductible or toward your copay. This can help you find a comprehensive solution so that you can get the help you or your loved ones need right away.

Let Prevail Recovery help you verify your Magellan health insurance rehab coverage in South Florida.

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Prevail Recovery Accepts Magellan Health Insurance


Prevail Recovery offers drug rehab in-network with Magellan Health. At Prevail Recovery, we understand that finding the proper treatment in South Florida means finding a place that offers Magellan health substance use coverage. We aim to help you find out what specific treatment options are covered with your Magellan health addiction plan and how else you can get coverage for the services you need.

Our team specializes in finding personalized treatment for addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis treatment for mental health disorders like OCD, PTSD, or depression. We specialize in medical detox and faster outpatient programs that your Magellan insurance plan is more likely to be covered. We can go over your treatment options, your coverage, and what holistic therapies can complement your recovery, like art therapy, music therapy, and even family therapy. Our Florida rehab treatment facility strives to give you the best chances of experiencing a lasting recovery.

Reach out to us today or call 1-866-441-2455 for help with your addiction.

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