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Molina Insurance

Molina Insurance


Molina Insurance and Rehab

About Molina Healthcare

Getting help takes courage, but it also costs money. Thankfully, for most policyholders, Molina health insurance gives you coverage for essential Florida outpatient services.

Molina Healthcare provides health insurance and Molina rehab coverage across multiple states. They have been around for over three decades.

  • Molina Healthcare also has Medicaid contracts with state governments and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Molina offers integrated Medicare and Medicaid plans as well as exchange plans offered through state healthcare marketplaces.

In most cases, Molina provides substance abuse coverage, and this can include things like outpatient services through residential inpatient services. However, every state has slightly different benefits and requirements to qualify for rehab coverage.

Contact Prevail Recovery to help you check your eligibility and find comprehensive addiction treatment in South Florida.


Molina-Covered Addiction Treatment

Does Molina Insurance Cover Rehab?

As mentioned, Molina offers different healthcare policies offered through state healthcare marketplaces. If you purchase your Molina healthcare plan through a state exchange, Molina is required to provide mental health services by the Affordable Care Act. These mental health services include rehab coverage.

You still have rehab-covered options if you didn’t purchase your plan through a state-based exchange. Molina functions as a Medicare coordinator, so that you might qualify for Molina rehab coverage Molina based on federal or state medical requirements.



Is Mental Health Treatment Covered by Molina Health Insurance?

Molina offers Mental Health Services now as one of the many benefits. If you have Molina Healthcare, you can contact your primary care physician or Molina directly. They can provide you with a list of mental health care providers who can offer the types of services you need and qualify as “in-network.”

When you get your list of qualifying in-network rehab providers, you can start to evaluate the different coverage offered by the rehab facilities compared to what coverage is eligible under your health insurance benefits. This means you can work with a Florida rehab facility like Prevail Recovery to see which treatments your insurance will pay for and which treatments you have to pay for out-of-pocket.

Behavioral Health

Molina substance abuse coverage generally provides coverage for behavioral health, including visits to therapists and doctors, as well as medication management and treatment programs. Again, this depends on where you purchased your health care plan.

If you bought your plan from Molina through a state-run network or Healthcare exchange, then Molina is required by state law and the Affordable Care Act to provide behavioral health coverage. If you purchased it through a Medicare or Medicaid plan, then Molena is subject to federal and state requirements. This means they operate things like a 24-hour behavioral health crisis line if you are having struggles with your mental health or addiction and need to contact someone.

Outpatient coverage

Molina Healthcare covers outpatient mental health services to treat mild to moderate mental health conditions. You can get Molina health addiction treatment for things like:

  • Mental health evaluations
  • Individual and group Psychotherapy treatment
  • Outpatient laboratory drugs, supplements, or supplies
  • Outpatient services to monitor ongoing medication therapy
  • Psychiatric consultations

Not covered:

Molina health addiction treatment related to things like couples counseling or family therapy is not covered.


What to Look for in an In-NetworkRehab for Molina Health Insurance?

Once you get that list of in-network rehab covered by Molina health insurance, you have to tackle yet another issue: which one to choose.

When evaluating in-network providers, consider things like what services they offer, the level of support they provide for insurance questions, and how often services are offered.

Does the facility offer programs specific to your needs?

If you are seeking rehab coverage for Molina health insurance for a specific reason, confirm that the facility can help you meet your treatment goals. Common reasons you might turn to rehab include coexisting mental health disorders alongside addiction or one or the other. If you are looking for help treating a mental health condition at the same time as addiction, make sure the facility provides dual diagnosis services to meet your needs.

How often is therapy offered?

Licensed rehab facilities might differ in how often they provide therapy. Suppose your recovery program requires a certain number of hours to treat a co-occurring mental health disorder alongside addiction. In that case, you will need to make sure that the facility offers an appropriate number of sessions. This could very well be on a case-by-case basis, which you should check into when contacting different in-network rehab centers.

Do they offer supplemental or support services after treatment?

Check to see what type of non-medical services are provided. This might be more important if you are looking into residential rehab or mental health treatment because the amenities and nutritional plans they offer could be a deciding factor.

Even if you are only turning to a facility for outpatient services, holistic treatment that promotes well-being and healing without turning to additional drugs might be high on your list of prerequisites. Check to see if the facilities offer things like animal therapy, exercise or yoga programs, music therapy or art therapy, meditation, and more.

Do they provide assistance with insurance questions?

For some people seeking Molina rehab coverage, this might be one of the most important factors. It can be very complicated to use your insurance, let alone figure out what is covered. You might still get bills even though your insurance policy covers the treatment. Great facilities will help you coordinate with your insurance and verify your benefits. They can also help you better understand any billing questions you might have.

Turn to Molina for rehab coverage for Molina health insurance. You might be eligible for things like substance use disorder preventative services, but Medi-Cal policyholders don’t get coverage for alcoholism. In states like Illinois, substance abuse gets covered, including psychiatric evaluation, detoxification, outpatient treatment, and more.

There are substantial differences between plans based on your state as well as your policy, so you must contact someone to verify your Molina health insurance coverage.

At Prevail Recovery, our team of specialists is here to help you verify your Molina health insurance coverage.

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How to Verify Molina Health Insurance Coverage

If you need to verify your coverage, there are a few ways:

  1. First, you can call member services and reach out to Molina directly to find out the specifics of your benefits.
  2. Second, you can read over your summary of benefits which, if you didn’t keep a paper copy, can usually be found through an online customer portal.
  3. Third, you can avoid the complications and hassle of figuring out what is covered by what isn’t by letting someone from Prevail help you.

Let Prevail help you verify rehab coverage for Molina health. Our staff is well-trained in verifying benefits and explaining them to you in a way that makes sense. What’s more, if you only have partial coverage, we can help you explore other options for covering the remaining cost to get the treatment you need.

At Prevail Recovery, we serve clients throughout Miami, Tampa, Boca Raton, and other areas of South Florida. We provide some of the most comprehensive treatment services earning us the title of top-rated drug rehab. We help you on your path to lasting recovery with detoxification, outpatient and South Florida intensive outpatient programs, integrative medicine, relapse prevention, dual diagnosis options, and more.

Don’t let insurance questions keep you from getting the help you deserve. Contact Prevail Recovery today.

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