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Molina Drug Rehab in New Jersey

Molina Healthcare is an insurance company that covers over five million policyholders across the United States. If you’re one of those policyholders and are looking for a Molina drug rehab in New Jersey, you’re in the right place. This page will go over the benefits of using Molina to cover addiction treatment at Prevail Recovery Center, the levels of care offered at our New Jersey location, and what sets us apart as a leader in addiction treatment. 

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What We Do

New Jersey Molina Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Addiction treatment saves lives. However, many people who misuse substances don’t get the help they need. In fact, the 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) found that although 16.5% of the United States population ages 12+ met the criteria for a substance use disorder at some point in the past year, 94% of those individuals did not get treatment. Prevail Recovery Center wants to change the statistics. We accept most major insurance plans and have a range of outpatient treatment options to make care more accessible. 


If you’re a policyholder looking for a Molina drug rehab in New Jersey, your insurance coverage can help you pay for addiction treatment at Prevail Recovery Center. When you inquire about treatment, one of the first things we will do is verify your insurance coverage. That way, you can focus on your recovery without the cost of care weighing you down. Once your insurance coverage is verified, you’ll get an intake assessment that’ll help us better understand your needs and personal history. Usually, this is when you’ll decide on a treatment option and start the process of planning for treatment. 


New Jersey Molina Substance Abuse Treatment Options

At Prevail Recovery Center, we know that everyone who walks through our doors is unique. We have multiple treatment options or levels of care available so that we can meet each client where they’re at, and every client gets an individualized treatment plan no matter what level of care they’re in. With that in mind, here are the levels of care offered at Prevail Recovery Center and what they entail. If you need assistance determining which level of care is best for you at this time, our staff members can help. 

Getting off of drugs and alcohol can lead to uncomfortable, and in some cases, dangerous, withdrawal symptoms. ification or “detox” programs help you get off of substances safely and with less discomfort. The outpatient detox program at Prevail Recovery Center is ideal for clients seeking a Molina drug rehab in New Jersey with less severe withdrawal symptoms or who do not need the 24/7 supervision inpatient detox programs provide. Outpatient detox typically entails therapy, regular check-ins, medication management, and other applicable treatments. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is available. If you are on a substance that requires tapering, we will help you create a plan to discontinue it gradually. 

Partial hospitalization programs or PHP are the most intensive form of outpatient addiction treatment. PHP is an ideal alternative to residential or inpatient treatment because it entails attending treatment for most of the day (6-8 hours daily), six days per week. Unlike in residential or inpatient treatment, however, clients get to go home at night. PHP clients at Prevail Recovery Center will engage in a combination of treatments and activities to support comprehensive healing and recovery, including but not limited to regular groups and individual therapy. 

Intensive outpatient programs or IOP are the next step down from partial hospitalization. IOP requires a lower time commitment than PHP but allows you to access the same therapies, activities, and treatments as a PHP client. The main distinction between PHP and IOP is that those in IOP attend treatment fewer days per week and for less time each day. IOP can be ideal for those who need to work or go to school while in treatment, don’t need care as intensive as PHP, or are transitioning out of a more intensive level of care but need more support than traditional outpatient therapy can provide.

Our outpatient program is the next step below IOP and is most often used to help clients continue recovery after finishing a higher level of care. Outpatient options at Prevail Recovery Center are very flexible and can include but aren’t limited to individual therapy, alumni support and outings, continued groups, and other treatments. 

What We Do

What Sets Prevail Recovery Center Apart?

If you’re searching for a Molina drug rehab in New Jersey, you may have compared several options already. There are so many reasons to choose Prevail Recovery Center for your addiction treatment needs. On top of our commitment to accessibility, levels of care, and individualized treatment plans, here are some of the things that set Prevail Recovery Center apart as a leader in addiction treatment in New Jersey. 

Some addiction treatment spaces focus on substance abuse alone. However, it is very common to have at least one co-occurring mental health concern or condition that affects your life, whether that’s trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or something else. We offer dual diagnosis treatment for those with one or more co-occurring concerns that affect their emotional or psychological well-being. This promotes lasting recovery and ensures that clients get whole-person care. 

Life experiences can inform addiction, treatment, and overall health. We have specialized programs for people in communities and groups that may have distinct needs or considerations related to substance abuse and mental health. We have specialized programs for men, women, the LGBTQ+ community, young adults, college students, first responders, teens and adolescents, and veterans.

We use a range of evidence-based treatments to support our mission of providing comprehensive care. These include but aren’t limited to cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, yoga therapy, family therapy, nutrition support, and more. Please contact us for more information if you want to know whether we offer a specific therapeutic modality, treatment, or activity. 

While Prevail Recovery Center is an outpatient treatment center, we own supportive housing facilities nearby for those in need of a sober living environment. Residing in supportive housing is a lot like living in an apartment with a standard rental agreement, but it is a 100% drug and alcohol-free space. You don’t have to be in a treatment program to live in sober housing. Many of our clients live in supportive housing during treatment, after treatment, or both to make the commute easy and help them stay accountable post-treatment. 

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Find Molina Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Finding Molina addiction treatment in New Jersey just got easier. If you are looking for a Molina drug rehab in New Jersey, contact Prevail Recovery Center today. When you reach out, a member of our team will verify your health insurance coverage and answer any questions you might have about addiction treatment for free. To get in touch, give us a call or use the contact form on our website. If we miss your initial call or message, we’ll get back to you shortly.

Find Blue Cross Blue Shield Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Getting treatment at a Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab in New Jersey just got easier. When you reach out to Prevail Recovery Center, we’ll verify your health insurance and answer any questions you have about treatment for free. To get in touch, give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website. If we miss your initial call or message, a team member will return it shortly. 


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