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Recovery in Florida

Substance abuse is a serious problem, especially in the State of Florida. It impacts the local community by increasing the number of hospital visits, accidents, overdoses, and deaths. Moreover, it contributes to a financial burden that exacerbates ongoing economic problems and poses significant risks to users and their families. Treatment is necessary for any type of addiction, and good treatment can help position individuals for a lifetime of sustained recovery.

Prevail Recovery is a top-rated treatment provider offering a treatment center in Florida; contact us today to learn more.


Addiction Statistics in Florida

  • 114,000 or 7.87% of 12- to 17-year-olds report using drugs in the last month.
  • Among them, 81.58% report using marijuana in the last month.
  • 12.01% of all 12- to 17-year-olds report using marijuana in the last year.
  • 0.35% report using cocaine in the last year.
  • 0.14% report using methamphetamines.
  • Up to 0.03% used heroin (data is limited).

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Prevail Recovery Center, Addiction Treatment Center inFlorida

At our Ft. Lauderdale, Florida treatment center, you can enjoy the highest quality of therapies that treat the mind and body. Instead of focusing only on physical addiction, we add medication-assisted treatment, a flexible technology program, integrative medicine, and nutritional services.

We accept many different insurance plans and work with you to find out which treatment options are covered by your existing insurance provider. In areas where insurance doesn’t cover the cost of everything, we help you find alternative payment methods to get the help you need.

We offer many services at our addiction treatment center in Knoxville, making the withdrawal process much more comfortable so that you can start your intensive outpatient or standard outpatient program with a good foundation.

We understand and appreciate how difficult it can be to find the right type of treatment when you have a full schedule or can’t commit to taking months off at a time. And that is why we work with you to find a program that fits your personal and professional obligations.

We specialize in dual diagnosis services to treat different mental illnesses alongside addiction, including PTSD, trauma, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, and depression. Our therapies are comprehensive, involving group therapy like the 12-step program and individual therapy, family therapy, music therapy, art therapy, integrative medicine, increased nutrition, and relapse prevention. Keeping your mind and body healthy with things like integrative medicine, nutrition, and yoga therapy can encourage you while you invest in treatment for things like mental health conditions or family therapy.

This works together to give you the skills you need to manage triggers, identify factors that contribute to your addiction, better communicate with those around you, and find sober activities that encourage your path to recovery.

Let Prevail Recovery help you find your solution.

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What Treatment is Available in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida?


Prevail Recovery Center offers several different treatment options for those looking to recover from addiction and/or behavioral health disorder, and all our programs are personalized based on each patient’s individual needs. Outpatient treatment is a recovery program that is offered to people experiencing a milder addiction or behavioral health disorder or as a follow-up to our Intensive Outpatient Program or Partial Hospitalization Program.

Family Therapy

Addiction is truly a ‘family disease’ because of its effect on not only the addict, but also the entire family. Although those suffering from an addiction are the ones with the disorder, family members can be just as affected and can develop subsequent effects of the disease.

Dual Diagnosis

Many people who suffer from addiction also suffer from what’s called a ‘co-occurring disorder,’ meaning that the addiction coincides with a mental or behavioral health disorder. Statistically, about half of those suffering from a mental disorder will also experience addiction at some point in their lives and vice versa.

Relapse Prevention

Addiction is a disease characterized by a compulsive overuse of harmful substances, leading to long-lasting and harmful changes to the brain. It is also commonly referred to as a ‘relapsing disease’. Although addiction is treatable through rehab and treatment programs, it is a life-long battle, and it requires consistent practice to prevent relapse from happening.

Why Choose Prevail Recovery for Treatment in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Florida is highly regarded for the multitude of addiction treatment centers, but a hidden gem is a community. That community encourages long-term recovery and sustained sobriety with organizations focused on sober activities and social support. We are located in the center of Knoxville, in the middle of a supportive community designed to encourage social interaction. You get to connect with individuals and activities that inspire you and build you up mentally and physically long after leaving our facility.

Our treatment center provides a supportive natural environment that can encourage people to turn their attention inward and focus on self-healing. Our Florida rehab facilities make the most out of the natural environment giving you a warm clinical space, a supportive atmosphere, and the comfort of an intimate setting surrounded by sunshine, beaches, and a picturesque aesthetic.

At Prevail Recovery, we understand that one of the most important parts of your treatment is finding a rehab facility with a personalized approach and the right amenities. That is why our Knoxville treatment center strives to transition you through multiple levels of care to have the highest chance of staying sober.

Reach out to us today or call +1 (866) 441-2455 for help with your addiction.

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