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Drug & Alcohol Rehabs Orlando, FL

Drug & Alcohol Rehabs Orlando, FL



Introduction to Our & Drug Alcohol Rehab in Orlando, FL

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental health problems, you can get help treating all of your conditions and get your life back on track.

Orlando, situated in the middle of Florida, has long dealt with drug and alcohol addiction and abuse. Drug trafficking tends to flow through the highways that crisscross Orlando. In recent years, the problem has gotten worse.

Orlando saw an increase in drug overdose deaths during the pandemic. When businesses were closed, and people were under lockdown, there was a 43% spike in drug overdose deaths.

A significant number of people with drug and alcohol addiction also suffer from mental health problems. Rates of depression and anxiety increased along with covid, and most residents of Orlando are not getting the help they need, and they are going undiagnosed. New reports show that individuals who develop bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or depression don’t get the resources they need. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate.


What to Look for in an Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Orlando, Florida

When you look into Orlando-based drug rehab, you want a center that offers a range of outpatient services, not just one. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to recovery and sobriety.

Your situation is going to be different, and you might need to shift back and forth between varying levels of outpatient drug rehab but knowing that one facility houses each of these services will make it much easier for you to get the help you need.

Outpatient Services

 Outpatient services are a type of drug rehab where you get to maintain your daily life, going to and from work or school, managing your personal responsibilities. However, you still regularly meet with physicians and other professionals for your treatment and your follow-up.

Alcohol rehab centers in Orlando, FL, will provide you with an initial assessment. This evaluation or assessment is a chance to screen you to see where you fall on the spectrum of care, whether outpatient services are a good option for you, and if so, which outpatient service is best.

These evaluations are very important because they help your team of caring professionals figure out what type of medications, treatments, or therapies are best and what will give you the highest opportunity for success. If you don’t get a proper assessment, and you are just given a general outpatient procedure when you need something a little more intense, it is more likely to result in failure to complete the program and subsequent struggles with sobriety. But a good team won’t let that happen.

Outpatient treatment is the lowest level of intensity, so it’s usually the most affordable in terms of money and the time required. You generally don’t have to attend treatment and meetings for more than 8 or 9 hours each week, which means you can fit it around a full-time work schedule or school schedule.

Intensive Outpatient Services

 If you are looking into Orlando-based drug rehab, intensive outpatient services might be something more fitting to your situation. This is still an outpatient treatment which means that you get to live at home and continue to go about your daily life, but you get treatments up to 20 hours per week with regular contact with therapists, physicians, and maybe psychiatrists.

If you go to drug rehab in Orlando, FL, they might decide that your case is a little more complex during that initial evaluation. This might happen if you have co-occurring disorders, which is just medical speak for situations where you suffer from drug and alcohol abuse as well as a mental health condition.

Partial Hospitalization Services

 Partial hospitalization services give you treatment for about 20 hours per week, but a large part of that treatment includes family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy. You might even meet with medical staff to integrate different types of partial hospitalization services for things like detoxification or medication management. This type of outpatient service usually combines holistic therapy like yoga, meditation, or reiki during the day.
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Why Choose Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Orlando, Florida

You are ready to get help, there are many outpatient rehab facilities to choose from, but ours should be at the top of your list.

 Customized Treatment

Firstly, we offer customized treatment. We know that no individual struggles the same as another. That is why our facility specializes in providing initial evaluations where you get to sit down with a member of our qualified staff and go over things like your medical history, mental health status, physical health, and addictions. From there, we can provide a personalized treatment plan that involves a wide range of therapies and other amenities to help you make the most of your recovery.

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Therapies and Amenities

When you choose our facility, you get to pick from a wide range of amenities, including nutritional assistance, medication management for things like mental health conditions and withdrawal symptoms, sound therapy, guided meditations, and fun, recreational activities. They can show you what types of events and socialization can be had in a sober setting.

Beyond that, we also focus on giving you access to things like trauma-informed therapies or inner childhood psychotherapy work if you have unresolved issues that may have contributed to your addiction. Uncovering the cause or source of your struggle will help you avoid going back to drugs and alcohol in the future.

For some people, families and relationships create an environment where they feel there’s no other alternative but drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication. With relationship therapy and marriage conflict therapy, as well as family integration therapy, you and your loved ones can participate in programs that teach you how to better communicate, how to understand what addiction is, and the best way to help one another move forward.

Co-occurring Disorders

We also focus on co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to heal the spirit, mind, and body as one. Rather than focusing on just helping you overcome your alcoholism or drug addiction, we provide art therapy, group therapy, anger management, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy to the list of potential recovery treatments for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Going through an initial detox and getting clean is just the first step, but staying clean requires multiple steps. In addition to individual and group therapy, we can help you cultivate the skills you need to cope with everyday stress without a relapse.


Get Help at Prevail Recovery’s AddictionTreatment Program Servicing Orlando

If you are ready for alcohol rehab in Orlando, let Prevail Recovery be your guide. Our alcohol rehab center in Orlando, FL, is one of a kind. Whether you need outpatient treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse, or coexisting conditions, we are here. Our drug rehab staff is equipped to treat the mind, body, and spirit.

Our detox and outpatient levels of care are offered at a boutique facility. Small but effective, we know that there is more to your struggle than just your physical addiction, and that is why our trained staff is dedicated to using the best practices that help heal you as a person and give you the freedom to take back control in your life.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to be healthy.

If you need a reliable alcohol rehab center in Orlando, you need Prevail Recovery. We can help you overcome your addiction today.

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