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Overview of Cigna & Addiction Treatment

We understand that getting help for addiction is challenging, and many people who struggle know that the hardest part is admitting their addiction, picking up the phone, and asking for help. At Prevail, we don’t want any shame, fear, or stigmas to stop you from getting the recovery you need which is why we work with you to review your Cigna substance abuse coverage options. 


It can be disheartening to want help and find out that the price is beyond your reach. That is why we work hard to help you find Cigna rehab facilities and discover in-network addiction treatment centers whose costs are covered by your insurance. 


Many insurance providers offer coverage for substance abuse, and Cigna is one of them. So let our Ft. Lauderdale drug rehab work with you to get Cigna addiction treatment.

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Cigna addiction treatment.

Cigna-Covered Addiction Treatment

Does Cigna Cover

Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Depending on your coverage plan, Cigna covers in-network addiction treatment at drug and alcohol rehab centers. Cigna provides health insurance to over 86 million customers, and your plan can include inpatient or outpatient recovery options. 


When you need to find the best rehab center for you, you can go about it in one of two ways:

  1.  First, you can contact Cigna insurance directly and ask them for a list of approved facilities within your area that fall under the benefits you have for your health insurance plan. This might be an extensive list.
  2. Alternatively, you might have more success finding a rehab center you trust, such as Prevail Recovery, and having them verify what benefits are covered under your insurance plan.


Cigna has a recommendation for questions you can ask different facilities to ensure they are an appropriate fit:

  • Check that the rehab facility has certified Chemical Dependency Counselors who have undergone training specifically for substance abuse. 
  • Check whether medical doctors are associated with the program, something more familiar for inpatient and medically assisted detoxification treatment. If there are doctors on staff, see if they are certified to deal with substance abuse problems.
  • Check on the treatment therapies that the facility uses. Some facilities only offer things like 12 step programs, while others include medications, cognitive therapy, and holistic therapy. What works best for you will be very personalized.
  • Check on the amount of time they recommend you spend with the facility. The program could take place during the day. It could be for a set number of weeks or months or have some form of aftercare. Knowing all of these will help you determine what your policy covers and what plan might be the most affordable.
  • Check on specialties for dealing with dual diagnosis conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or long-term pain.
  • Check to see what level of involvement family members have, if any, and whether there are things like family therapy included in your recovery program.
  • Check to see if the treatment center has specialized programs based on different backgrounds and their success rate.


What Does Cigna Cover for Drug and Alcohol Treatment?


Most people who struggle with addiction undergo detoxification first, removing any remaining compounds from their bodies. Physical withdrawal symptoms can be painful and inhibit recovery, which is why medically supervised detox at Cigna rehab facilities can provide a higher chance of full recovery. Staff members use medications and medical monitoring to keep you safe and comfortable during your initial phase. 


Outpatient Treatment

Cigna covers outpatient treatment in Florida whether you are using it instead of an inpatient program or after completing an inpatient program. During an outpatient program, you divide your schedule between living at home and attending therapy sessions. Your situation and addiction will determine the amount of therapy needed during this phase. Outpatient therapy will eventually dwindle to fewer and fewer sessions as your recovery increases. If you are struggling with severe dependency, a partial hospitalization might be recommended overnight before returning home and resuming your outpatient treatment. This serves as a useful way to adjust to the outside world and return to your regular life. 



Your Cigna coverage might extend to medications used during your rehab process. Several drugs can treat withdrawal symptoms and co-existing disorders like anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications. Get treatment at Cigna alcohol rehab centers. Your medications might include FDA-approved products to help restore functionality in your central nervous system and reduce the risk of relapse.

Outpatient Treatment Covered By Cigna

How Long Will Cigna Cover Rehab?

Depending on your plan, Cigna will pay for rehab for whatever length you need. Cigna-approved rehab centers are available for 30 days, 60 day, or 90-day treatment plans. If you are looking for outpatient care, Cigna might approve a specific length of time that better fits your needs. Once that time frame is over, Cigna will evaluate whether they will cover additional therapy. 


Does Cigna Cover Alcohol Rehab?

Yes, Cigna covers alcohol rehab, again, depending on the plan you have. To determine the plan and coverage you have, reach out to Cigna directly, or contact a professional rehab center like Prevail Recovery Center to help you verify your coverage.


Does Cigna Cover Outpatient Treatment?

Cigna in-network drug rehab comes in many forms but does Cigna cover outpatient treatment? It can, depending on your coverage plan. Our team of professionals can help ensure your benefits and coverage extend to alcohol, drug, or outpatient procedures, and for how long.

Learn What Your Insurance Can Provide

Prevail Recovery Accepts Cigna Insurance

Cigna has many Cigna in-network drug rehab and Cigna alcohol rehab centers across the nation, including Prevail Recovery. We help those who need it, accepting Cigna addiction treatment insurance plans. 


Our facility will help you evaluate which treatment plan is best for your situation. We believe in a mixture of evidence-based practice and holistic therapy that promotes a healthy balance between your mind and body. We work with you to find a complementary set of Therapies and medications that best fit your situation. Our team can verify which benefits are covered under your insurance plan. If your insurance provider only covers part of your recovery, we can help you find alternative methods for payment that still make it feasible for you to get the help you deserve. Recovery is not easy, but you shouldn’t let limited funding be one more obstacle. Our IOP in Ft. Lauderdale is an excellent Cigna in-network facility, and we can help you find a reliable treatment plan. 


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