Introduction to Depression Treatment in South Florida

If you or someone you love struggles with depression, you can turn to depression treatment Florida-based centers for customized help. Depression looks different for each person, and there is a significant relationship between depression and addiction. Without uncovering the cause of your depression, and treating any coexisting drug or alcohol addiction, you won’t be able to achieve the lifelong fulfillment and sobriety you deserve. Thankfully there are depression treatment centers designed to help you prevail over your struggles and live a healthy, happy life. 

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When to Get Help for Depression & Addiction in South Florida

It’s important to understand that depression doesn’t just mean being sad. Most people conflate the term, so if you tell someone close to you, like friends or family, that you are depressed, they might tell you just to get over it or to be happy. But in fact, you can be depressed without being sad. Sadness is just one part of depression, and knowing when to get help for depression and addiction entails knowing what real depression disorder looks like.



Real depression, sometimes called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, brings with it:


  • Constant feelings of emptiness, sadness, or anxiety
  • Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, or guilt
  • The loss of interest in activities or hobbies that you once enjoyed
  • Fatigue or complete lack of energy
  • Difficulty concentrating, making decisions, and problems with memory
  • Sleep problems including insomnia, oversleeping, or waking too early in the morning
  • Appetite changes or weight loss
  • Digestive problems, cramps, headaches, or other pain without any clear physical cause, especially paying that doesn’t go away with pain management
  • Thoughts of suicide 


Depression can be caused by many things. For some people, it’s genetic. If you have a family history of depression, you might actually have specific genes in your body that cause depression. If this is the case, you can only get legitimate help with things like medication and therapy.


For other people, depression is brought about by significant life events. Something like trauma can trigger serious PTSD, which leads to major depressive disorder that might seem controlled and may not affect you on a daily basis, but as soon as you get flashbacks or triggers, it can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you feeling hopeless, with no energy, unable to sleep, and potentially suicidal.


Similarly, there are many people who suffered from childhood trauma, excessive poverty, or abuse, which led to the onset of depressive disorder later in life. Without using the proper therapies to uncover these causes and address the untreated trauma, your depression might get worse with time. 


What’s most important to understand is that depression looks different in each person. Your struggle is personal and unique, so your treatment should be just as personal and unique.



Depression and addiction have a tumultuous relationship. For some people who have a pre-existing clinical depressive disorder, feelings of social isolation, hopelessness, and other symptoms can cause people to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. This creates many problems, including dependents and the worsening of symptoms. 


For example, certain drugs like opioids or alcohol can make depression symptoms worse. So someone who drinks to ease their feelings of hopelessness might end up feeling even more hopeless and potentially suicidal.


As someone continues to self-medicate, especially for undiagnosed depression, it changes the way the brain chemistry works, which cannot only worsen depression symptoms but lead to the development of other mental health problems like anxiety. Continuing drug and alcohol abuse produces tolerance, and the more you are tolerant of drugs or alcohol, the more you have to consume to get the same feelings of ease. All of this leads to a vicious cycle of dependents and depression.


Worse, still is the fact that certain drugs like cocaine can actually cause you to develop depression. Even if you didn’t suffer from depression before, drug abuse can change your brain chemistry and lead to a chemical imbalance in your brain that creates major depressive disorder.


What to Expect From a Depression Rehab Center in Florida

When you use Florida-based depression rehab centers, you can get legitimate help. When you use a depression treatment center, you can expect help that not only provides things like medication to help you manage symptoms, but gives you legitimate tools, therapy, and coping skills so that you can create a state of positive mental well-being.


Good depression rehab centers a focus on creating a supportive and constructive environment where you can identify any underlying causes or contributing factors so that you better understand the blueprint with which you are working. From there, you can build a life that does not revolve around your condition but instead gives you control over it. 


Treatment can take the form of inpatient or outpatient programs, individual or group therapy, as well as holistic treatments, and, potentially, medications.


Suppose you struggle with depression and drug or alcohol addiction, called dual diagnosis. In that case, you need a robust recovery plan that helps you regain your sobriety first and foremost and reduce your risk of relapse while also giving you the tools you need to control your depression better.


Co-occurring disorders are not uncommon but getting rid of any residual toxins in your body and tackling your physical addiction is the first, crucial step to your long-term recovery. After that, your courage and hard work are required as you start to uncover any underlying causes or coexisting mental health disorders through things like cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychotherapy, and individual therapy.


Our Depression Treatment Center in South Florida 

If you are ready for Florida depression help, let our depression treatment centers in South Florida create customized plans for you. 

Such high rates of misdiagnosis, disability, and untreated depression paint a picture of a world in need of supportive depression rehab centers with customized treatment plans. And that’s what you get at our depression treatment center.


At our depression center, we can help you remove the mental cloudiness, creating a place where you are happier, healthier, and at ease. You deserve to live your best life, and that includes feeling safe, feeling fulfilled, and knowing that you have the tools to break what seems like an endless cycle and move forward with help from trained professionals and a supportive social environment. 


Prevail Recovery’s Treatment Center for Depression in Florida

If you need Florida depression help, we are here for you. At Prevail Recovery Center, we know that undiagnosed and untreated depression can seriously impede your life. What’s more, untreated depression is often coupled with anxiety. One-third of people who struggle with depression also struggle from anxiety disorders or substance abuse disorders as they try to self-medicate. 


While other depression treatment centers in South Florida might focus on one disease or addiction alone, we treat all of your struggles as one. 


Founded by a group of friends who overcame their struggles, we understand the need to provide a safe space that is supportive, complete with specialized, comprehensive care based on medication management, evidence-based practice like cognitive behavioral therapy or anger management, as well as other therapies like guided meditation, 12 step integration, group therapy, even family counseling.


Every person is different, and what they need most in their comprehensive treatment approach will differ as well. We provide multiple levels of care based on your needs to help you maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle with long-term coping skills that you can apply well after you have graduated from our facility.


For Florida depression help, let us give you the tools to overcome your daily struggle. 

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