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How to Find Drug Addiction Help Near You

2023-08-31 17:48:32

How to Find Drug Addiction Help Near You

Finding the right rehab can be a daunting and frustrating process. Countless treatment facilities offer quality treatment programs that address the complex roots of your addiction. While finding help for addiction may seem as simple as picking a facility, will the facility you choose have the programs and services you need to stay sober for a lifetime? The time and energy it takes to find the perfect treatment program may give you second thoughts.

This article focuses on finding the drug addiction help you need to address and overcome your substance abuse issues. If you are overwhelmed in knowing where to find help for drug addiction, contact Find Luxury Rehabs toll-free today. We work with a vast network of top-tier rehabs that provide the drug addiction support you need to break free from your addiction. Contact us today and let us do the legwork to help you find the right help with drug addiction. Find Luxury Rehabs can help match you to the best luxury drug and alcohol rehabs near you.

Where to Start in Finding Drug Addiction Help

To find the right drug addiction help, you need to do your research. Talk with your primary doctor or a local addiction professional. Discussing your specific addiction and any underlying medical issues that may complicate your recovery is important. When looking for drug rehabs, it is crucial to find rehabs that offer evidence-based drug treatment. Evidence-based treatment is founded on extensive research and testing, and evidence-based programs have a proven track record of success.

The best rehabs also feature experienced staff with years of proven experience in helping people from all walks of life conquer substance abuse. Additionally, the rehab you choose must have the proper certification, have clean state-of-the-art facilities, and provide the safety and security needed for you to focus on your sobriety. Most importantly, the drug rehab you choose should accept your insurance and offer alternative payment options if you are uninsured or underinsured.

Finding the Right Level of Care

Another important component in finding the right drug addiction help is choosing the right level of care. The best rehabs offer multiple levels of care depending on your specific needs. The following are the levels of care found at most rehabs:

  • Medical Detox- When you stop using drugs and alcohol, you will experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. The drug treatment program you choose must have medical detox services so you can better tolerate withdrawal symptoms and get to a stable state. This is accomplished through medication management, nutritional therapy, individual and group therapy, and other interventions.
  • Residential Treatment- Also known as inpatient treatment, you would reside in the treatment facility itself or in nearby housing to receive intensive care and support. Your treatment program would consist of individual, group, and family therapy, medication management (if needed), 12-step group support, holistic therapy, and other services. This level of care is best if you have failed treatment in the past and have no support system at home.
  • Outpatient Treatment-Outpatient treatment allows you to attend programming at the treatment facility but allows you to stay at home so you can uphold your family and work obligations. The services offered at outpatient treatment are the same as residential, and they fit your work and school schedule. This level of care is ideal if you don’t need medical detox, have a strong support system at home, and your addiction issues are not severe.
  • Aftercare-Aftercare provides continued support after the conclusion of formal treatment. This can include continued counseling, sober living, and alumni groups. Aftercare programming is highly recommended and can help you strengthen your life and coping skills in order to better navigate the stresses of your daily life.

Unsure of Where To Find Help For Drug Addiction? Call Find Luxury Rehabs Today

Finding drug treatment shouldn’t be a painful process. If you are starting your search to find the best drug rehab for your needs, call the professionals at Find Luxury Rehabs today. We work with a vast network of quality drug treatment facilities with the evidence-based programs and support you need to find lasting recovery. Call Find Luxury Rehabs to learn more about the types of drug rehab that may be best for you and how to find drug and alcohol rehab centers near you.



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