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Recovery From Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a severe problem that is considered a mental health disorder. Drug addiction is any situation where you are addicted to a substance. That substance might be illegal, like heroin or prescription medications you received for a legitimate surgery. No matter what the substance is, you can get help.

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Symptoms of Addiction

What are the Signs of Drug Addiction?

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, the signs can be vast depending on the substances you are taking.

  • Someone with drug addiction might show behavioral changes, such as a sudden change in their mood with no explanation, paranoia, no longer wanting to socialize, or acting completely different than they usually do.
  • Someone with drug addiction might also show physical changes like a sudden lack of personal hygiene, changes in skin tone or changes to the eyes, and marks on the skin from injections.
  • You might find drug paraphernalia around the house or see that money is missing for no reason. 


Prevail Recovery is a Florida outpatient rehab center. If you see the signs of addiction, let Prevail Recovery help with a South Florida drug rehab program. 

Understanding Addiction

What Causes Drug Addiction?

Many things cause drug addiction, primarily the chemical changes that drugs have on your brain and body. Cocaine increases the neurotransmitter dopamine leaving you feeling very high or energetic. Valium activates your GABA system, so it makes you very calm and relaxed, the same as alcohol. MDMA or ecstasy increases your neuromodulators deleting to increase levels of Serotonin. 


All of these examples indicate the way in which drugs affect different systems in your brain and body. The more you consume drugs, the more these systems are compromised long-term. Many of these systems leave you feeling better than you did before, so as soon as you stop taking drugs, you suddenly feel worse, and the only way to get that good feeling back is to take more drugs. This leads to tolerance and addiction.


If you need help, let Prevail Recovery help you find South Florida drug rehab. 

What is the Recovery Process for Drug Addiction?

The recovery process for drug addiction looks different for every person. Generally speaking, you transition through four phases:



Your assessment is critical for starting the right drug addiction rehab program in Florida. At our facility, this assessment helps us identify any underlying mental health disorders or untreated trauma and identify the substances that have been abused. This is a concise assessment. Depending on your medical history, it takes about 30 minutes at our facility. Understanding all of this helps determine what treatment might be most successful for the next phase.


The next phase is detox. or detoxification is when your body clears itself of any remaining residual compounds from the toxic substances you have abused. Things like alcohol detox can be life-threatening, which is why it’s important to participate in a medically supervised program to help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms before you transition to the next phase.



Rehab constitutes the most significant part of your recovery process for drug addiction. With Florida drug addiction treatment, your rehab is a program that allows you to identify what in your life has contributed to your addiction, what may have worsened your addiction, and what you can do to address the issues around addiction. This includes things like healthy living, where you learn how to sleep better, eat better, and exercise more. It can consist of family therapy, medication management for mental health disorders, recreational therapy or holistic treatment, as well as group and individual counseling.



Aftercare is the longest phase. It’s a common misconception that South Florida residents can go home and be free from any addiction or trials once they complete their drug addiction treatment. But addiction is not something you can cure immediately. It’s an ongoing, lifelong process. People are at a high risk of relapse immediately after leaving a rehab program, no matter how successful that program was. And that is why ongoing aftercare keeps you participating in recovery programs like the 12-step program, wilderness therapy, art therapy, and other group activities. 


Let Prevail Recovery help you find Florida drug addiction treatment that works. 


What are Available Types of Drug Addiction Treatment in South Florida?

If you are ready to get help, there are different types of treatment for addiction. The type of drug addiction treatment South Florida residents should choose is really based on individual needs. Different levels of treatment might provide you with the best chance of a successful recovery, so long as you pick one that suits your situation.


At Prevail Recovery, we can help you get the right level of care no matter how you try to rationalize your bad decisions or a pathological need for control. With our Florida rehab and drug addiction treatment facility, you can choose:


is the first step for many people. A drug addiction rehab program in Florida might require you to start with detox to purge your body of any residual toxic compounds. ification is not technically part of your inpatient or outpatient treatment plan but rather the initial step that gets you through your withdrawal symptoms. 


Depending on the substances to which you are addicted, you might undergo a medically assisted detox which uses other medications to keep you as comfortable as possible during the withdrawal stages.


Partial Hospitalization

Once you have completed the detox part of your recovery, it’s time to start your journey in a drug addiction rehab program in Florida. This is an inpatient or residential treatment plan. Some people require constant supervision and lockdown, where they live at a facility full-time for months. Others might settle for something halfway between inpatient and outpatient: partial hospitalization.


Partial hospitalization programs give you therapeutic services at our rehab facility during the day but then let you return to your sober living facility or your home at night. This is a good solution if you can be moderately self-directed in your daily routine and responsible for getting yourself to and from meetings. It’s a better solution if you already have a strong support system where you live.


Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient programs are a step down from partial hospitalization. These are meant for people who have already completed their residential or partial hospitalization program. It’s a good way to transition to your regular community living while still participating in group and individual counseling as well as treatment for mental health disorders. 


Suppose you have an intensive outpatient program for your drug addiction treatment in South Florida. In that case, you attend daily treatment sessions at a rehab facility and then go home to your sober living house or your home at night.



Outpatient programs let you live at home while attending different activities at our rehab facility throughout the day. The intensity of an outpatient program is based on your niece and What treatments we have available. Most people can transition to outpatient treatment if they live in a safe, drug-free home, have a support system where they live, have successfully detoxed from drugs, and have no co-occurring mental health disorders.


Suppose you had a mild addiction that only lasted for a short duration. Suppose you have no co-occurring substance use or mental health disorders, and you live in a safe environment with a lot of support. In that case, you might be encouraged to start with outpatient programs, but that’s something we can discuss during an initial assessment.


Let Prevail Recovery help you find drug addiction treatment in South Florida.


Prevail Recovery Center Provides Drug Addiction Treatment in South Florida

With Prevail Recovery, we work to offer drug addiction treatment South Florida residents can rely on. Our treatment facility strives to give you the best chances of staying sober and experiencing a lasting recovery. That is why we integrate dual diagnosis services or things like OCD, PTSD, or depression treatment right alongside things like medical detox and outpatient treatment for alcoholism. We offer a handful of Florida holistic therapies that can complement your recovery, like art therapy, music therapy, and even family therapy.


Reach out to us today or call 1-866-441-2455 for help with your addiction.

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