Introduction & Overview of PTSD/Trauma

When most people think of PTSD, they associate it with the military and soldiers returning from war. But PTSD is something that develops and anyone who has experienced a dangerous, frightening, or otherwise shocking event. PTSD can be brought about by things like:

  • Car accidents
  • Death of a loved one
  • An unexpected and significant health problem
  • Physical or sexual assault or abuse
  • Childhood abuse

Throughout life, there are opportunities to experience something that is so shocking that it shakes us to our core. Just over 50% of all people will experience a traumatic event once in their lives, and approximately 8% of Americans will struggle with PTSD at some point. This goes to show that PTSD and trauma can happen to everyone in ways that we don’t fully appreciate.

The problem with untreated PTSD is that many people try to self-medicate, and they do so by using drugs and alcohol. 40% of people with PTSD also have a substance abuse disorder. There is no single way in which PTSD happens, there is no specific time frame for how long PTSD lasts, and there are a range of different therapies to help people manage their PTSD and trauma, so long as they are willing to get help.

What most people misunderstand about PTSD and trauma is that it is not something you have to experience personally, directly. In addition to PTSD occurring after you have personally been traumatized, there are three other ways you might experience PTSD and need help creating it. 

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When to Get Help for PTSD/Trauma

Getting help for PTSD and trauma can help you get control over your life. Most treatment involves things like psychotherapy, coping skills, CBT, and treatment for other things like drug and alcohol abuse, depression, or anxiety. 


Knowing when to get help can be difficult, especially if statistics show us that one out of every two people you know has experienced trauma and 8% of people will experience PTSD. Help should always be sought if your symptoms are unmanageable, or causing flashbacks, insomnia, night terrors, aggression, or reckless behavior. 


You should always get help for untreated trauma, especially if it was directly experienced. If left untreated, severe PTSD or trauma can cause many long-term problems, issues like depression, guilt or shame, numbness, flashbacks, aggression, or sleep problems. While they may not happen right away, they will happen if you don’t get help. What’s more, these symptoms often get worse with time. 


You should also get help if you have a coexisting drug or alcohol addiction. Again, it is far too common for people to avoid getting treatment for their trauma, only to have lots of problems like a feeling of numbness, constantly feeling on alert, being easily startled, angry or depressed all the time, and unable to sleep. So they turn to drugs or alcohol to try and deal with those feelings, not realizing that they relate to trauma. The more you use drugs and alcohol to numb the symptoms, the worse the drugs and alcohol can make the symptoms long-term. This can lead to additional problems like depression, anxiety, and severe addiction. 


You should consider inpatient PTSD treatment in Florida:

  • Your PTSD symptoms have interfered with your ability to handle daily tasks, go to work, be there for your family, socialize, or take care of yourself.
  • Your PTSD has been managed with self-medication, especially drug and alcohol addiction, from which you need to detox.
  • Your PTSD has led to or exacerbated other mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.  


You should consider PTSD outpatient treatment programs if:

  • You have already completed an inpatient program, especially one that includes medically supervised detox if you have a coexisting drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Your case is mild enough that you don’t have any coexisting mental health problems or substance and drug abuse problems, and your living environment is stable and safe.


What to Expect at a PTSD Treatment Center in Florida?

When you turn to a PTSD treatment center in Florida, you can expect an initial evaluation where your situation is assessed and your specialized recovery program designed. 



If you need help, our Florida-based PTSD treatment can help. No one wants to get help for their problems if it’s inconvenient. To that end, programs like outpatient programs where you have to drive to and from a rehab center for therapy on a weekly basis shouldn’t be 3 or 4 hours away. Our facility is close to home and easily accessible no matter where you live in Florida.



Some PTSD treatment centers in Florida are exactly what people are afraid of: sterile, hospital rooms full of uncaring, rough nursing staff members and patients who are aimlessly wandering the Halls muttering to themselves. But good facilities are:

  • Residential neighborhood facilities.
  • Boutique locations that are warm.
  • Inviting, and full of staff members who understand your struggles because they have overcome struggles just like you.


Not all PTSD treatment centers in Florida have good amenities, or any amenities at all. If you are turning to our detox and residential inpatient care program, then amenities can make all the difference in terms of how comfortable you are during your stay. We know that the more comfortable you are, the more at ease you will be, and the more you will be able to turn your attention inward and focus on what you need most. Addressing trauma and PTSD is never easy, so your environment should be as supportive as possible.



That is why we offer things like nutritional assistance and consulting so that you can better cultivate healthy eating habits, picking foods that reduce your stress or anxiety levels instead of making them worse. We also offer things like medication management where appropriate. For some more severe cases of PTSD, a big part of your PTSD outpatient treatment programs after you leave our facility might include medication to help manage your symptoms.



During the course of your stay, we also provide things like ancillary therapies, including Reiki therapy, sound therapy, and guided meditations.



Reliable PTSD treatment Florida needs to have the therapy that works best for you. There is no one size fits all solution to PTSD and trauma, and any PTSD treatment centers in Florida that say so should be avoided. At our facility, we offer things like daily living skills, individual Psychotherapy, group therapy, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-informed therapy, conflict therapy for marriage and relationships, and inner childhood psychotherapy work. Our team will work with you to find something suitable. 


Our PTSD Outpatient Treatment Program in South Florida is Here to Help

Our mission is to give you the power to prevail, just like we did. With hard work and dedication, you can get your life back on track. Our professional team is dedicated to giving you treatment plans that treat your case specifically and using proven effective therapies.

If you are ready for help, consider our PTSD outpatient treatment programs.

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