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Introduction to Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in South Florida

Accepting your struggle with addiction and reaching out to get help takes tremendous courage. It represents a substantial milestone, but how do you know which level of care you need? There are many different levels that can help you with addiction, but you have to understand where your addiction falls on the spectrum before you can develop the type of treatment that is best. 

South Florida represents 31% of the population for the entire state.


One of the biggest drug use trends in the area is cocaine. There is an increasing problem with cocaine, especially cocaine combined with heroin or fentanyl.

  • There are over 1,000 deaths related just to cocaine every year in South Florida.
  • Speedballing, when you use cocaine and heroin together, has become a significant problem in South Florida.
  • In 2017 only 34.5% of deaths were because of co-occurring substances like cocaine and fentanyl, but that figure jumped to 54.3% the following year, indicative of a growing problem in South Florida.
  • Cocaine admissions at treatment centers have increased each year. 
  • Two-thirds of cocaine users in South Florida are male.


Heroin and manufactured fentanyl have grown dramatically over the last two years, contributing to substance abuse and death in South Florida. Fentanyl created in Mexico and China is easy to order online and shipped throughout South Florida, making it a significant problem for the area.

  •  Heroin accounted for 14% of drug addiction rehab admissions in 2019.
  •  Two-thirds of heroin users in South Florida are male.
  •  Fentanyl deaths have increased by 13% year over year.


Methamphetamine is a national problem, and it’s also a South Florida problem. There’s an increase in methamphetamine use, especially with opioids, causing higher numbers of substance abuse.

  • Levels of methamphetamine overdose deaths have increased between 2018 and 2019.
  • 10% of people who turn to drug rehab centers are addicted to methamphetamine.

Prescription Drugs

Rates of prescription drug use have increased over the last few years. Alprazolam and Oxycodone are two of the most common drugs associated with overdose.

One of the biggest findings over the last few years is that certain drugs have become more prevalent throughout South Florida and that many users are combining drugs and struggling with coexisting disorders. Prescription drug use has been commonly found in tandem with cocaine, just the same as methamphetamines have been commonly mixed with heroin or fentanyl. Recent findings indicate a higher need for varying levels of care. 

If you struggle with more than one addiction, you might need individualized care that helps you overcome everything with which you struggle and finally break free of your addiction.


The Levels of Care of South Florida Drug Rehab Facilities

The American Society of Addiction Medicine uses five main categories to describe the different levels of care for a South Florida drug rehab facility ranging from most intense to least intense.


The ASAM levels of care start with early intervention. Early intervention is designed for people who don’t have a diagnosis of drug or alcohol addiction, but are showing signs of a disorder like regular drug use, aggressive behavior, or interpersonal relationship problems. It is the next few levels, however, which you can find at a South Florida drug rehab facility:


Outpatient services

When you choose drug rehab in South Florida, it will offer outpatient services. Outpatient services are an excellent way to get help when you need or want to live at home while getting your treatment. Usually, outpatient treatment requires less than 9 hours per week. Outpatient treatment at an alcohol rehab in South Florida is designed to be a lower level of care if you have already completed your inpatient program, like your medical detox for alcoholism. It can also be used for people who have less severe symptoms, who might be borderline alcoholic but have a safe living environment and are ready to get help.


Intensive outpatient services / partial hospitalization

For more serious cases, South Florida alcohol rehab should also include intensive outpatient services or partial hospitalization. Alcohol, in particular, is one substance that can have severe withdrawal symptoms, medical complications, even death. For that reason, it’s recommended that you have a medically supervised detox. This can be part of the service included in your partial hospitalization while other aspects of your outpatient drug rehab in South Florida continue to help you through different therapies like Family Integration Therapy, 12 step therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and even person-centered approaches.


Intensive outpatient services and partial hospitalization programs might require up to 20 hours per week of different therapy and are meant to help you tackle complex drug or alcohol disorders as well as co-occurring disorders but in situations where you don’t require 24-hour care.


Medically managed detox services

Medically managed detox services are used to help manage severe withdrawal symptoms. is often required as the first step of treatment for those with the most severe addiction or substance use disorders. By managing detox in a professional setting, we can ensure that every client is as comfortable as possible during this challenging time and goes through the withdrawal process in a safe manner.


Why Choose Our Alcohol & Drug Rehab in South Florida

When you choose a South Florida alcohol rehab center, look no further than Prevail Recovery.


Our facility offers a wide range of levels of character, which means you can find something no matter your situation. Our goal is to help you get the appropriate care for your situation and treat the mind and body as one.


Far too often, medical facilities focus only on treating the substance addiction so going through a medical detox and then quickly sending you back into your environment without any of the coping skills, social skills, or life skills you might need to avoid a relapse.


Our team understands how difficult and demoralizing this can be when you have put in all that effort to get clean. Having been there ourselves and overcome the same struggles, we want you to prevail the same as we have. That is why we offer a comprehensive course of treatment, whether you pick our outpatient programs. 


Get Help at Prevail Recovery

If you want the best drug rehab in South Florida, you want Prevail Recovery. Our drug rehab South Florida team offers a range of services. If you opt for outpatient services at our boutique facility, we will give you nutritional consulting so that you can make healthier decisions when it comes to your nutrition. The things you eat can have a profound effect on how you feel, they can help you sleep more effectively or feel less depressed in some cases.


But healthy eating is just one part of the bigger picture. South Florida alcohol rehab or drug rehab like ours can offer things like relapse prevention, a form of therapy that creates structured approaches toward avoiding a relapse when you go back into your daily environment. This type of aftercare is often overlooked in rehab, but it’s one of the most important parts.


We also offer things like cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered approaches, family integration therapy, art therapy, group therapy, anger management, and much more. Holistic treatment and evidence-based practice will give you the long-term skills you need to stay clean and sober and live a healthier life.


Let the compassionate team at Prevail Recovery help you get the best drug rehab in South Florida. 

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