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Introduction to Addiction in Hollywood, FL

Hollywood, Florida, is known for its beautiful beaches and popular tourist attractions. Situated right between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, everything you could possibly want is within reach. Unfortunately, while tourists enjoy the beaches and the boardwalk, many residents struggle with alcohol and drug abuse.

Located in Broward County, Hollywood represents nearly half of all drug-related deaths in the state of Florida. Hollywood has a growing problem not just with drug abuse but with opioids in particular. Every year around 4,000 people in Florida die because of opioids, and Hollywood has the second-highest opioid-related death rate. Heroin and Fentanyl are some of the most popular opioids on the market.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, don’t wait. Get help from a drug or alcohol rehab center in Hollywood, Florida.

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Hollywood, CA Addiction Treatment

What to Look for in a Rehab in Hollywood, FL

If you are looking for a rehab facility in Hollywood, there are key things you need to look for before you make your decision.

Inpatient and Outpatient Plans

The right drug and alcohol rehab center will give you a lot of flexibility in the type of plan you choose for recovery.

  • For people with severe addiction, this could include an inpatient program. Inpatient or residential programs have you live at a rehab facility for a specific length of time during which your daily activities consist of recreational sober activities as well as full-time therapies. Inpatient or residential therapy always starts with detox for those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Medically supervised detox can help you rid your body of any remaining toxins and get through the withdrawal symptoms in a comfortable and supportive fashion.
  • For people who are transitioning out of an inpatient program in Florida or have moderate addiction but a safe environment at home, there are different levels of outpatient programs which can be used after initial detoxification to help you slowly work back to Word of Life of recovery. Outpatient programs give you structured therapy on a regular basis, but you get to live at home.

Specialized Recovery Programs 

Reaching out for drug rehab in Hollywood, FL or alcohol rehab center takes courage. Following through with your recovery program takes dedication. We know how difficult this can be, and that is why we offer specialized recovery programs for each person. We know that if you struggle with drugs and alcohol, you have a much better shot of long-term sobriety if you get a customized plan meant for you and you alone. A reputable treatment center will offer:

  • One-on-one and group counseling: One-on-one Psychotherapy can help you better understand factors that contributed to your drug and alcohol abuse in the first place, particularly unrecognized are untreated childhood trauma or PTSD. This type of therapy can also help identify underlying mental health conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, offering resolutions like cognitive behavioral therapy to help treat them. Group counseling is a great way to help you recognize that you are not alone and that plenty of other people in similar positions with similar life stories have struggled just like you. Having this type of community support structure is an integral part of maintaining your long-term sobriety.
  • Family and relationship therapy: Many people try to hide their addiction from their friends and family, but they don’t realize most of the time that their friends and family already know. But addiction hurts everyone. Family members are often impacted in many ways, and it is beneficial for everyone to undergo therapy to help them recognize the strain that addiction has caused, the broken relationships, and the way they can all work together to move forward toward recovery.
  • Lifestyle skills: Some people have struggled with addiction for so long that they need lifestyle skills to help them integrate back into regular society. Good Hollywood FL-based drug rehab will do just that. At a reputable alcohol rehab center in Hollywood, FL, you can get the skills that you need to get a job, keep that job, make healthy eating habits, make healthy financial decisions, participate in sober recreational activities, and cultivate relationships and community support networks all over again.

Comprehensive Aftercare Programs

Going to drug rehab in Hollywood, FL does not mark the end of your recovery. Recovery takes time. Maintaining a life of sobriety will look slightly different for each person. That is why reputable drug rehab centers will give you access to a continuing care plan or an aftercare treatment plan that includes things like:

  • 12 step meetings like NA or AA
  • Follow up medical evaluations or psychiatric care
  • One-on-one or group therapy sessions
  • Outpatient programs


Why Choose Our Alcohol Rehab Center in Hollywood, FL

Our alcohol rehab center near Hollywood, FL, is close to home. You don’t have to travel far to get the help you need. With our Hollywood FL-based drug rehab, you can get a range of inpatient or outpatient recovery plans.

We begin with an evaluation for each of our patients in order to determine what you need most. During that evaluation, we can compile a list of holistic treatments and therapies that will give you the highest chance of success. Not all therapies or treatment options are the best solution for each individual, which is why we work with you to make sure our plan is something that takes into account your current mental health, physical health, previous attempts at sobriety in recovery, and your substance abuse.

We offer inpatient and outpatient programs in Florida at our residential boutique treatment center. This gives you the opportunity to pick whatever works best for your situation and your personal needs. If you can’t get away from work and family responsibilities for 30 days at a time, we can work with you to cultivate an outpatient program that still gives you medically supervised detox and ongoing treatment.

Almost all of our patients start with a detox. No matter what substances you use, the more you use them, the more residual compounds build up in your body. This can lead to dependence and significant withdrawal symptoms. But medically supervised detox gives you access to Medical supervision and medications that help you manage the symptoms. We ensure you are as comfortable as possible so that you can get through your withdrawal symptoms and your detox and be on your way toward the next step in your recovery.

While most people think of rehab centers or mental health facilities as sterile, cold, and dark hospital rooms, our facility is anything but. We focus on tackling your spiritual, mental, and physical health all in one location. Our comfortable, serene environment is conducive to relaxation and a positive mindset. Our team of professionals will help you reach your goals through a variety of individual therapy sessions and group therapy sessions, as well as other classes that teach you about addiction, what causes it, what makes it worse, and how you can avoid a diction in the future. These meeting spaces facilitate communication, so your voice is heard, and you can enjoy the support of social and community aspects of group meetings that prove you are not alone in your circle.

Most importantly, we are a dual diagnosis facility in Florida which means we can help you treat substance abuse issues and mental health problems. During your initial evaluation, we can create a plan that specifically addresses your drug or alcohol addiction and your mental health problems. Treating both of these at the same time gives you the highest chance of success so that you can live a happy, healthy life. This type of treatment should be ongoing, which is why we can help you transition from our treatment facilities to other treatments within your local community.


Get Help at Prevail Recovery’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Hollywood

Our mission is to help you prevail just like we did. To achieve this, we provide professional, high-quality detox and rehab services that don’t just focus on the body but take into account the mind and the spirit. Through consistent hard work and dedication, we can give you a customized program that really works.


Let our drug rehab in Florida help you. Reach out today to learn more about our customized alcohol and drug detox programs. 

Prevail’s Florida Anxiety Clinic Can Help

Prevail Recovery Center looks beyond the problem and at the person. We know that most mental health problems, if undiagnosed, can lead to self-medicating, severe daily struggles, and subsequent substance abuse if the original problems are not addressed. That is why we have created a way to help people struggling with anxiety get new freedom with a comprehensive treatment approach that deals with all of your needs, including medication management, recreational outings, nutritional assistance, and holistic therapies like guided meditation and sound therapy, and Reiki.


Evidence-based practices like positive psychology, art therapy, daily living skills, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy are just some of the many therapies we offer those who struggle with anxiety.


Founded by a group of friends who have collectively overcome their struggles with mental health and addiction, this Florida anxiety clinic is designed to target coexisting conditions with overlapping therapies and modalities that will prove most successful for your individual circumstances. We know that conditions like anxiety disorder don’t often exist in isolation, so we provide rehab for depression and anxiety in Florida, giving you healthy life coping skills that you can apply for years to come. 


Ready to turn to a Florida anxiety clinic? Let us help.


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