How to Find the Best Drug Rehab Near Me


What are the Different Levels of Addiction Treatment?

For many people, first-time drug use at a party or a drink when things get stressful at work might not seem like much. But suddenly, there is a craving, a constant struggle for more. Before too long, you are dealing with addiction and wondering where the “best drug rehab near me” is located. Thankfully, facilities like Prevail Recovery can help.


There are a handful of different levels of addiction treatment, and not all of them are offered by the same Florida rehab centers

  1. Inpatient is the most intensive. With inpatient rehab, you remain at the facility under constant supervision and don’t return home until the program is over.
  2. Inpatient services can extend to detoxification, where you remove any remaining toxins from your body and overcome your initial withdrawal symptoms under supervision. It is imperative to have supervision if you are detoxing from things like prescription medications, opioids, or alcohol. 
  3. This can also include a hybrid between inpatient and outpatient services like partial hospitalization. This is where you undergo things like detox at a local rehab center or hospital and then begin outpatient treatment instead of living at a rehab center. 
  4. Outpatient treatment is typically what you ease into after completing inpatient care, but for less severe cases, it might be what you start with after detox. With outpatient treatment, you live at home but visit your Florida rehab center during the day. 
  5. You might try intensive outpatient treatment, which is a slightly more comprehensive outpatient program. 


With so many levels of treatment, what is most important to know is that they all fall under one of two categories: inpatient vs. outpatient. Prevail Recovery can help you learn more about Florida addiction treatment programs today. 

How to Find the Best Drug Rehab Near Me


Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment?

The two primary levels of addiction rehab in Florida are inpatient and outpatient treatment. 


  • You remain at drug rehab near me
  • It is a full-time commitment for 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days
  • The cost is much higher
  • You have 24-hour care


  • You sleep at home and visit addiction rehabs in Florida during the day
  • You can find flexible substance abuse rehab for full-time, 20+ hours per week, or just 10 hours per week, depending on how you are adjusting and how your rehab is going
  • You are more independent



If you need alcohol and drug rehab in Florida, then you will likely start with detoxification. Detox is considered an inpatient treatment. You are under constant supervision and monitoring during detox at alcohol and rehab drug facilities in Florida. 


Once that is over, you can start your inpatient rehab program. This is a schedule that is created with you in mind. You will know ahead of time during your assessment which types of treatment are recommended. Most inpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Florida last between 30 and 90 days. You stay for whatever length of time is most supportive of your situation and feasible. 


After completing inpatient rehab, you move into your outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Florida. Here you go back to your home (or a new home) and start to transition back into normalcy while attending a drug rehab center in Florida. Attendance can be close to full-time with a daily schedule of therapies, part-time with about twenty hours per week of group and individual therapy, or less if you are nearing the end of your treatment. 


You can visit a drug rehab center in Florida for your initial inpatient detox and transition smoothly into outpatient care too. Many rehab drug facilities in Florida allow for what is called partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient as alternatives to longer inpatient programs. 


Contact Prevail Recovery for specific information about your substance abuse rehab in Florida. 


What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

You might hear a lot about holistic addiction treatment at a drug rehab center in Florida. Holistic treatment often encompasses proven treatments beyond individual and group therapy. This extends to things that target your mind and body like:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Animal therapy
  • Nature therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • IV therapy
  • NAD therapy
  • Horseback riding 
  • Walks on the beach


Treating the mind and body as one is more successful than just helping you detox from drugs or alcohol. Holistic therapy is often recommended for substance abuse rehab in Florida if you have a co-existing mental health disorder. You get to learn skills that help you cope with stress, identify triggers, and learn to acknowledge your feelings with grace and acceptance rather than judgment. You also learn how to avoid triggers, uncover the root of your emotions rather than react to them, and move beyond your cravings. 


Let Prevail Recovery show you why our alcohol and drug rehab in Florida is top-rated. 


What to Look for in a

Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

When you are ready to find a rehab center, look for the following:

Qualified Staff

Look for qualified staff, including nurses, doctors, and therapists. Check their success rate with other people in your shoes and their background with addiction.  

Flexible Plans

Look for a rehab center that offers flexible plans. Not everyone can afford the time or money of a luxury, long-term inpatient rehab. Some people only have a long weekend to jumpstart their change to sober living. A good rehab will support care in any way that works for you. 

Dual Diagnosis and Holistic Care

Look for services like dual diagnosis. At least one-third of the time, people struggling with addiction are also struggling with a mental health disorder. If you don’t treat both at the same time, you are more likely to relapse. And with a wide range of holistic care, chances are you can find something that works for you, not against you. 


Want to know more? Reach out to Prevail Recovery. 

Dual Diagnosis Therapy

Dual diagnosis therapy is particularly important for most people searching for drug rehab near me. With this, you can turn to rehab drug facilities in Florida to get concurrent help for physical drug or alcohol addiction and an underlying mental health condition. You may or may not realize you have one. Sometimes people are misdiagnosed, as is often the case with bipolar disorder. Sometimes people develop depression and anxiety after repeated drug use. No matter the case, with good drug rehab facilities in Florida like Prevail Recovery, you can find all of this support and more. 


Prevail Recovery is a top-rated substance abuse rehab in Florida. Founded by a group of like-minded individuals who overcame their struggle with addiction, we understand what the bumpy road to recovery looks like. We also appreciate the importance of offering things like dual diagnosis services and holistic treatment in addition to tried and true group and individual therapy.


Integrating families into your recovery is important, too, if you want long-term success, and that is why we focus on family therapy as one of many therapies. We provide flexible scheduling for inpatient and outpatient services. We also work with you to find your insurance coverage and determine how to get the help you need without breaking the bank. 


Ready for help with dual diagnosis “drug rehab near me”? Turn to Prevail Recovery. 

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