Specialized Treatment for the LGBTQ Community

LGBTQ Community & Addiction

Addiction can hurt everyone regardless of sexual orientation. LGBTQ+ community members struggle nearly twice as much as the general population with drug abuse and addiction. 


For many, there are dozens of reasons for internal struggle or pain, and self-medication might seem like the only option. 


The LGBTQ+ community faces:

  • Strained family relationships,
  • Bullying,
  • Homophobia,
  • Trauma from coming out,
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders,
  • Trauma associated with coming out, 
  • Discrimination, 
  • Negative and internalized emotions, 
  • And discomfort at expressing gender identity or sexual orientation


Prevail Recovery offers comprehensive LGBTQ rehab in South Florida. Contact us now for help. 

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Prevail Recovery Has a LGBTQ-Specialized Program

Are There LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Programs?

Yes! Suppose you have struggled with bullying, traumatic incidents, homophobia, or discrimination. In that case, you might have dealt with anxiety, PTSD, or depression on your own. Still, today you can find specialized LGBTQ addiction treatment programs that help you explore these issues, learn healthy coping mechanisms, and work to prevent a relapse.


At LGBTQ rehab centers, you can get specialized programs that address things like:

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy for situations where your anger was turned inward, manifesting as depression or self-hate. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you understand the events that may have contributed to these feelings and learn how to better address and control negative thoughts and, subsequently, negative actions.
  2. Individual counseling is where you can learn to better understand yourself and the source of your addiction.
  3. Group counseling is where you can learn from other people who can give you social support and help you form a network of supportive, safe individuals with whom you can interact once you leave treatment.
  4. Family counseling where you can include your biological family members or even the family members you have chosen. If your biological family is unsupportive, you might have developed a family of your choosing who can give you the support you need, and in any case, you can involve the family you choose in your LGBTQ addiction treatment. Sometimes family struggles to understand gender identity or sexual orientation and, in the worst of cases, might reject you all together, but family support is a vital component in identity development and recovery.


When you choose Prevail Recovery for your LGBTQ substance abuse treatment, you can take important steps toward a lifetime of sobriety with support staff members who have been in your shoes and who understand what it’s like to struggle with addiction and how to overcome it.


Contact Prevail Recovery to start your recovery at our LGBTQ rehab centers. 


What are the Benefits of Addiction Treatment for the LGBTQ Community?

The benefits of Florida addiction treatment for the LGBTQ community are many. 

Specialized Programs

Firstly, the right LGBTQ rehab in South Florida will specialize in LGBTQ issues. Participating in group therapy with individuals who have had similar experiences throughout their upbringing and struggle with the same types of persecution or mental health disorders can help you recognize that you have a support network available to you. 


This makes it easier for you to open up during group meetings and helps facilitate long-term recovery by building a supportive network of friends with whom you can socialize using sober activities.


Prevail Recovery specializes in LGBTQ rehab programs where you work with similar individuals in a safe space. We understand the role that trauma and PTSD can play in inhibiting recovery, which is why we ensure you feel safe, supported, and in control. 

Dual Diagnosis

Secondly, the right LGBTQ substance abuse treatment will focus on dual diagnosis. Given the prevalence of mental health disorders among LGBTQ individuals who struggle with addiction, the right treatment needs to incorporate mental health therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy for depression or anxiety. Without access to mental health services, you are more likely to relapse even if you successfully complete your program.


Prevail Recovery integrates dual diagnosis as a pivotal part of LGBTQ substance abuse treatment. No individual suffers in the same way, and mental health disorders have to be treated at the same time in order to give you the highest chance of success in your sobriety.

Treatment Options

Thirdly, South Florida LGBTQ rehab should have the right treatment options for you. Suppose you have tried to overcome your addiction in the past and struggled with a relapse. In that case, that information can be used to create a personalized therapy program that does away with the evidence-based practices that weren’t very effective for you and incorporates replacements that are likely to be much more effective.


This often includes holistic treatment like yoga and meditation, where you get a chance to turn your attention inward and focus on accepting temporary discomfort and learning to control your breathing and your thoughts. This works incredibly well when used in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy as part of your dual diagnosis treatment.


With Prevail Recovery, our LGBTQ rehab centers offer a wide range of treatment options focused on 12-step therapy, extending to family therapy, nutritional counseling, integrative medicine, meditation and yoga, and much more.

Medication-Assisted Detox

Alcohol withdrawals come with serious side effects and health risks. Using FDA-approved medications can give you better control over the severity and frequency of your withdrawal symptoms and help you reduce cravings after you leave your program. If you are looking for LGBTQ of alcohol rehab, medication-assisted detox is an essential feature.


At Prevail Recovery, a big part of our LGBTQ alcohol rehab focuses on medication-assisted detox and utilizing over-the-counter medications to make you as comfortable as possible during your withdrawal.

Cost and Insurance 

Finally, for many people knowing whether insurance will cover the cost of LGBTQ rehab centers is paramount. The cost can vary significantly depending on what types of medications you need, which therapies you are using, and how often. 


Professionals at Prevail Recovery can help you verify your insurance benefits and find other ways to cover the cost of your LGBTQ rehab in South Florida, where your insurance falls short.


Call Prevail Recovery for top-rated LGBTQ substance abuse treatment.

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An art therapy rehab program is a common part of addiction treatment. With art therapy, you get to enjoy a higher level of comfort, putting distance between yourself and your current struggles, addiction, or experiences. In many cases having that distance makes it much easier to talk about what you’ve gone through or what you are feeling in the present. Art therapy gives you a safe space where you can focus on expressing yourself creatively. 


You don’t necessarily need to immediately open up with emotional issues and discuss what you’ve gone through, what you have cells, and how your trauma, addiction, or abuse has affected you. Instead, you can use different art therapy programs to process these emotions in an alternative way. For example, art therapy can help you confront levels of low self-esteem brought about by addiction when you find a medium that helps you express yourself. When you find a medium you like and invest your creative energies into it, whether it’s painting, clay, coloring, or something else, you take back more control and build self-esteem slowly and steadily. 

  • Art therapy can make you forget about all your problems and think about things totally unrelated to your addiction.
  • Art therapy can be very enjoyable even if you have no experience as an artist, and it can lift your spirits when you are struggling the most. 
  • Keeping your mind on things like art can be inspiring. 
  • Art therapy is an excellent way to remind you that you are still alive, a person, and you have strength, creativity, and control within you. 


Art therapy in South Florida can take many forms. Art therapy might include drawing with colored pencils, painting, coloring, pottery, or card making. Playing around with finger paint and modeling clay can help physically release the pent-up tension you might hold in your body. It also helps to connect you to your deeper feelings.


In some smaller studies, artists might teach group classes for individual classes where you get to choose whether you want to color, draw, paint, or use some other medium. It doesn’t take artistic talent either. Most people in these smaller studies claimed they had no artistic talent whatsoever, and yet they were all able to find a way to express themselves using different artistic materials. Through this process, the materials help reduce stress and pain and improve the quality of life.


Today you can find coloring books with prints and patterns that are designed specifically to help people with things like anxiety. People struggling with things like anxiety can work with repetitive patterns to break their panic cycle through art therapy in South Florida.


Specific art therapy treatment projects help with different symptoms or struggles. If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression, you can try things like the torn paper collage. This is really beneficial for people in recovery who feel like the stress in their lives is out of their control, and they have issues like an addiction that is in charge of daily feelings and actions. This technique lets you take charge using art materials. You take any group of paper you have, like construction paper, scrap paper, colored newspaper, and start to tear or cut shapes that appeal to you, like tiles. This helps to create a mosaic effect. 


Then you let the pieces fall randomly or play around with their positions until you have an image you like, either abstract or a textured collage. You get to be in charge of the entire process, which helps you enjoy the process of tearing or cutting the pages and then creating an image. There’s no striving for perfection, no right or wrong answer; it’s a world you have complete control over, showing you that not everything in your life is outside your control, no matter how much it might seem like it.

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