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Loved Ones and Family

Addiction is a Family Disease

Family & Addiction

Loved ones and family are affected by addiction more often than we think. Addiction is a family disease, and it can also affect close friends.


Prevail Recovery Center is an outpatient rehab in South Florida. Contact Prevail Recovery if you need to find help for loved ones suffering from addiction.



Signs of Addiction in

Loved Ones and Family

It can be difficult first to notice the signs of addiction in loved ones. You might see your spouse drinking after work and realize they have started consuming an entire bottle of wine instead of just one or two glasses with you. After a few months, you might notice that they have switched to hard liquor, and they’re consuming three or four glasses per night.


You might suspect your loved ones and family have an addiction when you notice their temperament has changed substantially, and they don’t show any interest in activities they once loved. Perhaps your loved ones and family members aren’t engaged as much as they once were; they forget about family responsibilities and don’t seem dedicated to their job.


Other signs include:

  • Mood changes
  • Changes to physical appearance or hygiene
  • Lying,
  • Getting into financial or legal trouble
  • Stealing,
  • No longer socializing
  • Forgetting about responsibilities,
  • Sleeping at odd hours
  • Being paranoid
  • Sweating or looking nervous regularly
  • Changes to eating habits


In reality, family and close friends are usually the people who recognize signs of addiction and loved ones first. Reach out to Prevail Recovery to find a rehab center for loved ones and family with addiction. 


How Does Addiction Affect Loved Ones and Family

Addiction affects loved ones and family members, including children, spouses, and parents.

Addiction can have short-term and long-term impacts on everyone. 

  1. Otherwise, loving homes can be divided. 
  2. Conflict can quickly become a normal part of family behavior.
  3. Trust breaks down between family members.
  4. Relatives are more apprehensive about one another, especially when secrecy is involved.
  5. Communication breaks down.
  6. Marriages can end.

In Children

One in eight children today grows up in a home where at least one parent abuses drugs or alcohol.


Witnessing the way in which drugs and alcohol cause suffering has long-term effects on children. Children who are exposed to addiction in their loved ones and family members are three times more likely to be physically or sexually abused and neglected. 


Watching a parent abuse drugs can cause developmental delays and long-term emotional and mental disorders in children. Children are more likely to be exposed to violent or aggressive behavior and watch the emotional distress caused by adult family members fighting. 


As children feel neglected and unsafe, they become emotionally and mentally unstable, developing extreme self-blame or guilt, feelings of unworthiness, and other trauma.

In Teenagers

Teenagers are more likely to underage drink and abuse marijuana if they are exposed to addiction in loved ones and family members. Teenagers have trouble developing their identity and are more likely to succumb to peer pressure in school.


Teenagers and children who witness loved ones and family with addiction are more likely to run away from home, which causes emotional distress for the parents. They are also more likely to have problems with school performance. When teenagers see parental distress because of abuse, they are more vulnerable to emotional, economic, and sexual exploitation.

In Adults 

Spouses are more likely to suffer abuse if they have loved ones and family with addiction. If a spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can lead to a loss of sexual intimacy, exposure to drugs, or reckless behavior. 


Adults can experience problems with stealing money to support a habit and financial hardship. As a result, communication issues with the spouse and the children and a high risk of physical or emotional abuse.

In The Home

In the home in general, regardless of age or relationship, when one loved one or family member has an addiction, the entire household can be negatively impacted. Friends and family in the household might be subject to reckless behavior. They might see drug abuse or alcohol abuse in the home.


Prevail Recovery offers top-rated South Florida addiction treatment for loved ones and family.


Supporting Loved Ones with Addiction

Addiction treatment for loved ones and family shouldn’t just be an isolated event. Family members should be active and present throughout the intervention and counseling stages so they have a chance to open up a line of communication that will serve an essential role in recovery. 


At our South Florida rehab, loved ones and family rehab programs give family members and close friends a chance to listen to those who are struggling with addiction. Family members can learn what mistakes they have made, how addiction works, and what changes they should make moving forward to be more cognizant of addiction’s impact on the individual.


A lot of times, family members try to help, but they don’t know how. Attending a South Florida rehab center for loved ones and family can provide supportive family members and close friends the opportunity to participate in group therapy. Group meetings with other people who have loved ones and family with addiction give a chance for all members to share their experiences, learn from what other people have gone through or the mistakes they have made, and find ways to be more supportive during the rehab process.

Contact Prevail Recovery to learn more about supporting loved ones with addiction.


How to Find Addiction Treatment for Loved Ones and Family

Prevail Recovery is here if you are ready to find a South Florida rehab center for loved ones and family with addiction. 

Staging an Intervention for Loved Ones and Family

Knowing what to say and how to tell your loved ones and family that they need help can be terrifying. Even still, simply telling people how to behave doesn’t necessarily guarantee the outcome you expect. This applies to all relationships, especially those with loved ones and family with addiction. They might not see the problem and might not recognize the need for South Florida addiction treatment for loved ones and family. With Prevail Recovery, our South Florida loved ones and family rehab services.


A drug intervention can be planned with Prevail Recovery. But you don’t have to stage an intervention alone. Our South Florida rehab center can help your loved ones and family find a location, prearrange a treatment plan at a rehab facility with clear guidelines and goals for treatment, and explain to your loved ones and family how their addiction has impacted everyone and what will happen if they don’t get help.

Loved Ones and Family Addiction Therapy

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t just affect the addict; it affects the entire family. If your loved ones or family members are struggling with addiction, you might be deeply affected by that abuse and not realize its effect on you or your other family members.


What’s more, you might not realize the important role you have to play in the recovery process for your loved one. With our South Florida loved ones and family rehab, Prevail Recovery specializes in offering family therapy. With our family therapy for addiction recovery, everyone gets to play a role in the recovery process. Doing so helps to decrease the chance of relapse and prevent ongoing suffering in loved ones and family.


Let Prevail Recovery help you find addiction treatment for loved ones and family in South Florida today. 

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