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New Jersey Addiction Treatment Center

Recovery in New Jersey

The issue of substance abuse poses a significant challenge, notably within the State of New Jersey. Its effects reverberate throughout the local community, amplifying hospitalizations, accidents, overdoses, and tragic fatalities. Furthermore, it compounds the financial strain, worsening existing economic challenges and presenting substantial risks to both individuals battling addiction and their families. Effective treatment remains imperative for all forms of addiction, as quality care serves as a catalyst for individuals to embark on a lifelong journey towards sustained recovery.


As a premier treatment provider, Prevail Recovery extends its top-rated services through our dedicated treatment center in New Jersey. Contact us today to discover more about our comprehensive approach to recovery and support.



Prevail Recovery Center, Addiction Treatment Center in New Jersey

At our New Jersey treatment center, we offer premium therapies designed to address both the mental and physical aspects of recovery. Rather than solely targeting physical addiction and detox, our approach integrates medication-assisted treatment, adaptable technology programs, integrative medicine, and nutritional services.


We accept various insurance plans and collaborate with you to identify covered treatment options under your existing insurance provider. In instances where insurance coverage falls short, we assist in exploring alternative payment methods to ensure you receive the necessary assistance.


Our addiction treatment center in New Jersey boasts an array of services. Beginning with medical detox, we prioritize a comfortable withdrawal process, laying a strong foundation for your journey into intensive outpatient or standard outpatient programs.


Recognizing the challenges of fitting treatment into a busy schedule or committing to extended periods, we tailor programs that accommodate your personal and professional commitments.


Specializing in dual diagnosis services, we adeptly address co-occurring mental health conditions alongside addiction, encompassing PTSD, trauma, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, and depression. Our comprehensive therapies encompass group sessions like the 12-step program, individual and family therapy, music and art therapy, integrative medicine, enhanced nutrition, and relapse prevention strategies.


By focusing on holistic well-being with integrative medicine, nutrition, and yoga therapy, we aim to support your journey through mental health conditions or family therapy while fostering a healthy mind and body during treatment.


What Treatment is Available in New Jersey?

We offer many types of treatment.


In many cases, you have to undergo detox as your first step toward recovery. Many treatment centers in New Jersey offer different medical detox plans. Still, medication-assisted detox in New Jersey can help make the experience more comfortable to create a sustainable foundation for a lifetime of sobriety.


Outpatient programs help you move along your path to self-discovery and recovery. Good outpatient programs can be catered to your schedule, working around other personal or professional obligations while still giving you access to the help you need.

Family Programs

The best recovery process is made better by social and emotional support, usually facilitated by close friends and family members. Drug and alcohol rehab programs that incorporate family plans can extend to family therapy and education where those closest to you understand how addiction works and what they can do to support you during your recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis refers to any individual who experiences substance abuse and mental illness simultaneously. Treating a physical addiction without addressing a mental health disorder means an individual is still at high risk for relapse, especially if they use substances for self-medication. A reputable New Jersey rehab center will offer services for dual diagnosis.

Holistic Treatment

With comprehensive treatment, New Jersey visitors can enjoy a wide range of holistic treatment services such as music therapy, art therapy, animal therapy, and even yoga therapy. These types of New Jersey holistic treatments work well with the time-proven success of things like 12-step programs and other support groups.

Relapse Prevention

With the best drug treatment center in New Jersey facility, you should enjoy ongoing relapse prevention. This type of relapse prevention shouldn’t start the day you graduate from an outpatient or inpatient program but instead should start when you arrive at the facility. Coping mechanisms need to be built into your routine from the very beginning to give you the highest chance of long-term recovery.

Contact Prevail Recovery to discuss which treatment options are best for you.



Why Choose Prevail Recovery for Treatment in New Jersey

New Jersey is highly regarded for the multitude of addiction treatment centers in Newark, but a hidden gem is a community. That community encourages long-term recovery and sustained sobriety with organizations focused on sober activities and social support. We are located in the heart of Newark, amidst a supportive community designed to foster social interaction. You get to connect with individuals and activities that inspire you and promote your mental and physical well-being long after leaving our facility.


Our treatment center provides a supportive natural environment that can encourage people to turn their attention inward and focus on self-healing. Our New Jersey rehab facilities make the most out of the natural environment, providing you with a warm clinical space, a supportive atmosphere, and the comfort of an intimate setting surrounded by natural landscapes, urban life, and a pleasing aesthetic.


At Prevail Recovery, we understand that one of the most important parts of your treatment is finding a rehab facility with a personalized approach and the right amenities. That is why our Newark treatment center strives to transition you through multiple levels of care to increase your chances of maintaining sobriety. By serving various areas, our center can offer a broader range of medical detox, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services that focus on the holistic healing of your mind and body.


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