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Introduction to OCD

If you or someone you love is struggling with OCD, there is help. With OCD South Florida-based treatment, individuals can get customized help at treatment centers that give life skills to control the symptoms of OCD and target any coexisting conditions like drug or alcohol abuse. 


OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder can manifest in many ways. As the name implies, individuals might suffer from obsessions or compulsions. This means the condition can control the way someone thinks or the way someone behaves. 


Obsessions are usually forceful, frequent images or urges that cause a lot of anxiety. When someone tries to get rid of those thoughts with repeated actions, this can become a compulsion. Some struggle with compulsions alone, repeated behaviors or rituals that they feel compelled to do like double-checking light switches, excessively praying, repeatedly checking in with loved ones, or obsessive washing.


The distress brought about by obsessions and compulsions causes people to avoid forming new relationships, to withdraw from existing friends and family, especially people who have a fear of germs, intrusive thoughts about harming other people, intrusive sexual images, fears of losing loved ones, or obsessions with religious topics. This can lead to self-medicating and severe depression, but it really needs proper OCD treatment.

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Is There Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment?


What is OCD Treatment?

50% of people with OCD are misdiagnosed. This means that half of the people who actually struggle with OCD and need OCD treatment centers in Florida never get help, and if they do, they get the wrong type of help. That is why specific OCD treatment in South Florida is so necessary. Of those who get help, 7 out of 10 benefit from therapy or medication.


So what benefits are there to OCD treatment centers in Florida?


OCD treatment takes one of two forms:


1. Therapy

2. Medication



Treating severe OCD usually involves therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. This type of therapy can typically be done in the form of outpatient therapy, which means you visit a therapist’s office on a regular schedule that fits with your daily schedule, usually one or two times per week for about 1 hour. 


However, it can also be included in part of an inpatient treatment program, especially if you have coexisting struggles like drug abuse. In these programs, you might stay at a rehab center where you can commit full time to your recovery and your sobriety, especially if you have OCD that you have treated with drugs or alcohol.


Suppose you have already completed an inpatient program or a drug detox program. In that case, you can transition into day programs where you visit a treatment center during the day for intensive Outpatient Therapy to manage your OCD. This is a significant transitional step to facilitate your return to everyday life, especially if you have struggled with coexisting conditions like drug or alcohol addiction. In these circumstances, you can get clean at a rehab facility and then transition with long-term therapy to give you the coping skills and life skills you need moving forward.


OCD treatment takes courage and determination. Your best chance for success is having a supportive network or community to whom you can turn. That is where group therapy comes into play. 


OCD might impact the entire family. That is why OCD treatment might include family therapy.  



Medications typically involve a class called serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SRIs or SSRIs to help modulate activity in the brain. A doctor can prescribe medications that work well with the treatment plan you decide upon with your therapist.


How OCD Can Worsen Addiction

Without good treatment in South Florida, your OCD can worsen addiction. OCD causes social isolation for many people, which leads to drug and alcohol addiction. People who suffer from untreated OCD might have obsessions or compulsions that don’t make sense, and they don’t understand why. So they suffer alone, sometimes ashamed of how they think or how they act.


When this happens, individuals who feel isolated, lonely, and ashamed might turn to drugs and alcohol to help ease the pain. They might also use drugs and alcohol to help manage the symptoms, hoping that if they drink enough or try just one more drug, they will be able to handle their compulsions or stop their obsessions.


The more people self-medicate, the more those drugs or alcohol change the structure of the brain, and this can actually make OCD symptoms worse. 


Our OCD Treatment in South Florida

Of the nearly 2% of the population with OCD, 50% have severe OCD, which interferes with daily life, with another 34% struggling with moderate impairment. Whether you suffer from severe or moderate symptoms, our OCD treatment centers in Florida can help with customized treatment options.



Everything starts with an evaluation. In order for our team to provide you with the most personalized treatment program targeting your mind and body as one, we have to evaluate what other conditions you might struggle with, any substance abuse or drug abuse, and previous attempts at rehab of any kind.


This honest information helps us decide what treatment plan to use going forward so that you have the highest chance of success.


Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan is designed just for you. If OCD might be genetic and runs in your family, family therapy could be a crucial part of your recovery. Severe symptoms might be better managed with medication alongside cognitive behavioral therapy or group therapy. Moderate symptoms might be tied to unprocessed trauma, and uncovering that information can help us designate childhood trauma or other PTSD-related therapies so that you focus on identifying the causes of your condition and taking back control.


Dual Diagnosis

No one should have to suffer alone, and no one should have to struggle through repeated failure if it can be avoided. OCD treatment centers in Florida that don’t provide dual diagnosis leave you with only half of the solution to your problems. Dual diagnosis for things like drug addiction and OCD South Florida-based treatment give you treatments for the underlying causes of your addiction as well as your sobriety. 


Prevail’s OCD Treatment Center in Florida is Here For You

If OCD is interfering with your daily life, let Prevail Recovery Center help. Not all OCD treatment centers in Florida are the same. Not all facilities focus on treating the underlying cause of your OCD, helping with moderate cases, or providing dual diagnosis options when you struggle not just with OCD but with depression or with drug abuse.


At our facility, we provide amenities like nutritional Consulting, medication management, sound therapy, guided meditation, and recreational outings to help you slowly integrate the skills you pick up in therapy to manage your OCD in everyday situations.


Many people who struggle with OCD don’t know the cause of their condition, but it can typically be rooted in previous trauma or abuse. That is why our OCD treatment in South Florida offers childhood psychotherapy work and trauma-informed therapies as well as group and individual counseling to help you identify factors that may have contributed to or caused your condition. Knowing the cause of your OCD is an important step in managing the symptoms. Medication management might be appropriate depending on the severity of your case, which is why our team focuses on customized treatment plans for each person, based on their evaluation. 


Our goal is to treat the entire person, not just the condition. At our OCD South Florida-based facility, you get a supportive environment full of professionals who want you to prevail the same as we did. We heal addiction and mental health struggles with multiple levels of care to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by way of sober recreational outings, nutritional assistance, medications, and a range of therapies customized for your needs.


Let us help you get OCD South Florida-based treatment that gives you back control.

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