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Integrated Treatment Interventions at Prevail Recovery Center

Integrated Treatment Interventions at Prevail Recovery Center



Integrative Therapy  Approaches

At Prevail Recovery Center, structured treatment for mental health and addiction requires a truly comprehensive and individualized approach. In our integrative therapy approach, evidence-based practices are combined with holistic treatments to allow for a more diverse approach to meeting the client’s needs. By integrating these approaches, one can guarantee that an individual receives the most well-rounded care, leading to healing in several dimensions.

An Overview of Integrative  Psychotherapy

Integrative therapy, otherwise known to the majority as integrative psychotherapy, is an attitude in which pluralistic therapeutic styles and orientations are amalgamated in attending to distinct clients in a uniquely particular way. It believes strongly in the idea that one single method will not be relevant to healing mental health and addiction, as both are very complicated issues, and each requires many tools and techniques for successful treatment. This program will intermingle traditional therapies with alternative holistic practices in its approach to treating the entire oxymoron: the dysregulated emotion with its controlled experience, the overactive mind, and the underactive vagal system.

Traditional Mental Health Treatment

At Prevail Recovery Center, we provide several traditional, practiced therapy treatments in our repertoire of integrative approaches to therapy, including:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Cognitive-behavioral treatment lies at the foundation of our protocols for treating various mental health concerns. In this type of treatment, clients receive guidance for recognizing and altering maladaptive thought processes and behaviors. The process is highly effective in addressing many areas of dysfunction, including depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and many more.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): This therapy is mostly beneficial for clients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and other disorders defined by very strong emotional responses. It combines cognitive-behavioral practices and mindfulness practices to help clients regulate emotions, learn healthier ways of coping, and improve interpersonal skills.

Motivational Interviewing (MI): is a client-centered approach to evoking an individual’s intrinsic motivation toward positive change. It has, therefore, proven highly effective in treating substance use disorders because it makes the client the driver of the journey of recovery.

Psychodynamic Therapy: It aims to bring to the surface all unconscious processes that affect behavior. It opens up new perspectives about their problems and thus enables the development of healthier coping styles.

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT): is an integrative psychotherapeutic treatment that has been proven to work with many types of psychiatric disorders, including depression, social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. It tailors the therapy to different patients, problems, and contexts.


Holistic  Therapy

In addition to conventional therapies, we also offer an array of holistic treatments that deal with the physical and spiritual sides of recovery:

Yoga and Meditation: Helps clients develop mindfulness, which relieves them of stress and improves their general well-being. It combines physical postures with breathing exercises and Meditation to enhance perfect physical and mental health. During meditation sessions, several techniques are taught on how to calm the mind and focus, hence managing stress.

Art Therapy: Clients may express their modes of feeling, thinking, and experiencing life through art. Art therapy enables them to express their emotions and ideas independently through various modes of expression, such as painting, drawing, and creating sculptures. This type of therapy also helps clients process feelings, improve self-esteem, and discover better ways of reacting to situations.

Nutrition and Wellness Counseling: Nutrition is primarily associated with mental health and recovery. Our wellness counselors inform people about healthy eating and living a life suitable for health in terms of body and, at the same time, preventing mental illnesses.

Acupuncture and Massage Therapy: Decrease physical pain, diminish stress, and induce relaxation. Acupuncture involves fine needles being inserted at different points in the body to balance the energy flow. However, massage therapy involves blind strokes and pressure manually applied to foster physical well-being and emotional health.

Benefits of the Integrative Approach

Clients come to gain the following benefits from an integrative approach:

Comprehensive Mental Health Services: Only an approach that will offer traditional and holistic methods of interventions will constitute comprehensive mental health services because it is in this aspect that all the possible areas of interest of our client could be well addressed and, therefore, foster more effective and sustainable recoveries.

Personalized Treatment: We are committed to well-modified treatment according to the specific needs presented by each client.

Better emotional state: Integrative therapies help people process their emotions, develop healthy styles of behavior, and improve their mental health.

Better physical health: Holistic treatments involving yoga, Meditation, and nutrition counseling focus more on general physical well-being, a critical factor in long-term recovery.

Spiritual Growth: One area of holistic therapies is the spiritual area. The client gets to attain and develop new meaning and purpose.

Involving Family in Treatment Programs

At Prevail Recovery Center, we consider family involvement in recovery a big deal. Some of our integrative therapy approaches incorporate family therapy and support so the whole family gets involved and is active in healing. Family therapy sessions improve communication, resolve conflicts, and build positive relationships, thereby establishing a supportive environment for recovery.



These approaches at Prevail Recovery Center ensure that clients are given a whole, very individualized approach to recovery. We integrate traditional therapies with holistic treatments in ways that address diverse client needs and promote healing on multiple levels. We have dedicated practitioner teams who ensure compassionate treatment support for your recovery journey.

Whether you or someone you hold dear is suffering from mental health or addiction problems, we urge you to explore our integrative treatment offerings to learn more. Contact us today for additional information on our programs and the big difference that they can make in the journey toward recovery and a healthier, more joyous life.

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