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Introduction & Overview of Addiction

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that can be defined as a psychological and/or physical dependence to a harmful substance or behavior. When a person becomes addicted to a substance, it can cause harmful consequences and changes to the brain, which can be long-lasting if not treated properly. Addiction happens when the intake of harmful substances becomes compulsive and uncontrollable due to a chemical reaction in the brain that causes a person to consistently crave the drug despite its harmful effects. It is also known as a relapsing disease, because it is very common that a person returns to the drug abuse after an attempt to stop. 

Although addiction and relapse are both common, there is a way to overcome it. Addiction is treatable, and therefore it is important to seek treatment from a facility that offers the right treatment options for you. 

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Understanding Intensive Outpatient Program in Fort Lauderdale

At Prevail Recovery Center, we believe that treatment occurs in both the mind and the body, and we, therefore, believe in treating the whole person as opposed to focusing on one aspect of their experience. There are typically multiple factors contributing to addiction, and it is, therefore, vital to take a holistic approach to treatment.


The path to drug addiction begins with voluntary consumption of addictive substances, but over time a person’s ability to choose whether to continue abusing drugs becomes compromised. Treatment begins when a person recognizes they have a problem and outwardly seeks help, or when loved ones recognize the abuse and open a person’s eyes to the harmful nature of their behavior. From there, the first step is detoxification, which entails stopping the use of drugs altogether, causing potential symptoms of withdrawal that can be harmful and potentially life-threatening. 


At our treatment center in South Florida, we offer varying levels of care for those suffering from an addiction or mental health disorder. Our facility has several different programs, including our intensive outpatient program, which provides evidence-based treatments and therapies for those suffering from addictions and/or behavioral health disorders. Our intensive outpatient program in Fort Lauderdale offers individualized treatment plans for our patients, and we help our clients create a treatment program that works specifically for them and that heals each person’s mind and body simultaneously. 


Inpatient vs. Outpatient: Which is Right for Me?

Because everyone has their own unique experience with addiction, there is no ‘one size fits all program for treatment. Our recovery center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers both partial hospitalization – which is similar to inpatient treatment – and outpatient treatment for patients suffering from addictions and behavioral health disorders. 


The main difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab is that inpatient rehabilitation requires clients to stay overnight at a facility for an extended period, whereas with outpatient rehab, clients are under our care for several hours of the day and return home every evening.


There are other key differences between the two treatment options. Inpatient rehabilitation is more disruptive to a person’s everyday life, whereas with outpatient treatment, patients still have some flexibility to do things on their own. Additionally, inpatient rehab requires time, planning, and explanations to friends, family, and employers. Intensive outpatient rehabilitation requires less planning and explaining given that you can leave the facility and go about some of your usual activities. However, if you are someone who requires 24-hour support for your addiction and/or behavioral disorder, inpatient rehab offers both medical and emotional support at all hours of the day and night. 


Some of the other differences between inpatient and outpatient rehab are that with an inpatient rehab program, patients may have to pay higher prices to accommodate for their long-term stay, the programs are typically longer and are designed to treat more severe addictions, and there are no distractions because patients are not undergoing their normal daily routines. Outpatient rehab tends to be less expensive and is better for someone with a milder addiction or a positive environment to return home to, and it makes it easier for patients to re-integrate into their daily routines after undergoing treatment. 


Evaluations and consultations are smart methods for determining which treatment option is right for you. Determining whether you need 24-hour care is the first step to choosing which program with help you achieve long-lasting recovery.  


What to Expect at a Ft. Lauderdale Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Fort Lauderdale offers patients the flexibility to continue going about their everyday lives while getting the help they need to make a lasting, meaningful recovery. At our Intensive Outpatient Program, our clients will engage in similar clinical and medical services as our Partial Hospitalization Program, however, this program will slightly decrease clinical engagement to make the process of integrating back to occupational and social roles more feasible.


Prevail Recovery Center offers customizable care that focuses on integrative treatments such as 12-step programs, individual, group, and family therapy, art therapy, and more. At our intensive outpatient rehab in Fort Lauderdale, we understand that no two clients are the same, and therefore we stress the importance of individualized treatment plans.  


Find Your Path to Freedom at

Prevail Recovery IOP in South Florida

Prevail Recovery Center, an outpatient rehabilitation facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, takes each individual patient and looks beyond their addictions and/or behavioral disorders to uncover the deeper traumas and root issues that brought them to this point.


Recognizing that you have a problem and need treatment is an incredibly brave and crucial first step to recovery, and from there, we want to gain a deeper understanding of the ‘why’ behind the addiction. Every person has their own story and their own experience with addiction, and we want to uncover that story and help patients recover from not only their addictions but also from their traumas and past experiences.


Our drug rehab in Fort Lauderdale’s comprehensive treatment approaches addiction by helping patients heal on multiple levels based on their experiences and previous traumas. We believe that each patient is entitled to their own evaluation and individualized approach to treatment, so we can help in their goal of creating and maintaining a healthy, sober life. If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction and needs personalized care, we are here to help.

Our dedicated team of medical and psychological professionals aims to create a tranquil, structured, and motivating treatment experience that keeps our patients inspired to make a long-lasting and meaningful recovery. At Prevail, we take a client-centered approach to treatment by focusing on a model of strength and empowerment for all our patients. Our goal is to help patients make a full recovery from their addictions while gaining a deeper understanding of who they are as individuals and to help in unlocking their potential as they go on to lead successful, fulfilling lives.


It is our mission to provide the highest quality clinical services to individuals struggling with addiction as well as co-occurring diagnoses. Our staff of trained psychotherapists, medics, nurses, and more are dedicated to helping patients make full, life-long recoveries. Our healing and supportive environment allow patients the opportunity to see the best versions of themselves as they make their way through treatment and recover from past traumatic experiences. Come visit our facility today to learn more about our Intensive Outpatient Program today and to learn what might be the best fit for you and your path to recovery.

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