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Medication-Assisted Therapy

Medication-Assisted Therapy



What is Medication-Assisted Therapy?

If you or someone you love is struggling with long-term sobriety, medication-assisted therapy might be the answer. MAT is a form of therapy that includes long-term medication to address the chronic nature of addiction, medications which can help address the last effects of addiction and help sustain recovery. Prevail Recovery Center offers medication-assisted therapy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Knoxville, Tennessee as a form of treatment that aims for sustained recovery by using medications.


Medication-assisted therapy in South Florida is a form of treatment that aims for sustained recovery by using medications.

The official medication-assisted treatment uses medications as well as behavioral therapies and counseling to help treat your mind and body at the same time. This approach is backed by clinical data and tailored to meet your needs. An individual program is created with the medications that will best serve you, given your situation, and the best behavioral therapy or counseling to help you sustain your recovery long-term.

Research indicates that this combination of therapy and medication can be particularly useful in treating things like opioids, prescription drugs, and alcohol addiction.

Prevail Recovery is an outpatient rehab that provides addiction treatment in the Fort Lauderdale and Knoxville areas. Let Prevail Recovery help you find MAT near you.



Can Medication-Assisted Therapy Be Used for Opioid Addiction?

MAT is primarily used to treat opioid addiction. With South Florida medication-assisted therapy, people can get legitimate ongoing help, the kind of help that is difficult to come by after graduating from a rehab program. One of the biggest problems with opioid addiction, for example, is that cravings can last for months after detox. For six months to one year, a recovery addict might struggle with cravings and need help remaining independent and sober.


This is where MAT is so effective. The medications included help normalize your brain chemistry, bringing your brain and body function back to their previous levels. Restoring these previous levels means being able to function as you did before using.

Using opioids eventually stops the brain from producing dopamine on its own. Dopamine is what relieves pain and increases pleasure, so continued use of opioids means your brain pants relieve pain or increase pleasure, so you might feel depressed, poorly motivated, unable to concentrate, and unable to feel pleasure. But with medication-assisted therapy in Florida, you can slowly help your brain produce dopamine on its own and get rid of these symptoms. 

The medications included help block the euphoric effects of opioids or alcohol. Blocking these effects makes it easier for you to avoid a relapse.

Alcohol impacts just about every part of your brain, including your production of GABA and glutamate. This keeps you relaxed but also awake and energetic and lowers inhibition. With certain medications in your South Florida MAT program, you can change it so that alcohol doesn’t have these effects on your body or your brain, and therefore a relapse isn’t appealing to you and has no reward.

The medications can relieve the cravings you feel. This makes it much easier to avoid relapse because cravings are not the only thing you can focus on.

But with medication-assisted therapy provided by Prevail, you can slowly help your brain produce dopamine on its own and get rid of these symptoms.



What Medications Are Used in Medication-Assisted Therapy?

The FDA provides a list of approved medications to be used in each state.

  1. Buprenorphine is approved for an opioid medication-assisted therapy program
  2. Methadone is approved for an opioid medication-assisted therapy program
  3. Naltrexone is approved for an alcohol addiction treatment plan or opioid medication-assisted therapy program
  4. Acamprosate is approved for an alcohol medication-assisted therapy plan.
  5. Disulfiram is approved for an alcohol medication-assisted therapy plan


These medications are meant to be used in conjunction with counseling and other psychosocial support. They are not a simple substitute for ongoing care.

Acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone are commonly used to help prevent a relapse. They can relieve some of the withdrawal symptoms and make it so that alcohol does not have the same effect if taken; usually, consuming alcohol while on some of these programs will make you violently ill to avoid the positive association with alcohol abuse.

Buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone are commonly used in opioid treatment for codeine, heroin, morphine, or prescriptions like hydrocodone or oxycodone. These medications can be used for months or years at a time with consultation from a doctor and help alleviate the symptoms of cravings.

To learn more about MAT programs, contact Prevail Recovery Center.


How to Find Medication-Assisted Treatment Near Me

If you are ready to find Medication-Assisted Treatment, we can help. When you want to find a facility that offers medication-assisted therapy in your area, look for a rehab center that promotes individualized programs. A big part of this is an initial assessment or evaluation where staff members can identify your personal physical and mental health levels, what substances you have used, how long you have used them, what other substances you might use alongside opioids, etc. This information helps provide the most potentially successful treatment program for you.

Moreover, look for a facility that specializes in MAT therapy programs. If you have not yet started your rehab journey, a good facility will offer MAT as part of your inpatient rehab when you first come to get help. Suppose you have already completed inpatient rehab, but now you need something to help you sustain your recovery long-term. In that case, that same facility should offer outpatient MAT programs to meet your needs.

Let us provide a medically driven program that gives you the best potential outcome. We can help you decide which FDA-approved medication is best to help you with your substance abuse disorder. We can integrate medical components, provide holistic therapy and education, and maintain ongoing support and communication throughout your treatment plan.

Reach out to us today or call 1-866-441-2455 for help with your addiction.


Is Medication-Assisted TherapyEffective in Addiction Treatment Programs?

Yes, a medication-assisted therapy program is very effective for particular addictions such as opioids or alcohol. MAT helps people achieve a full recovery. Full recovery means a person is able to manage the symptoms of their addiction and make healthy, informed choices to avoid a relapse. But it also means having a stable and safe home, conducting meaningful daily activities like holding down a job and participating in society, and enjoying a supportive network of positive relationships.

MAT includes medications that can help make that achievable. It has been proven to:

  • Increase survival rates
  • Increase how long people remain in treatment
  • Decrease relapse and criminal activity associated with addiction
  • Increase the ability to get and maintain a job after rehab
  • Decrease the risk of things like hepatitis C or HIV by lowering the rate of relapse

A big part of MAT’s effectiveness in addiction treatment programs is that it is used with other therapy. In fact, using many of the FDA-approved medications for medication-assisted therapy programs requires users to attend certain individual therapy sessions and group therapy sessions.

So, to avoid some of the negative psychological and physical feelings associated with long-term recovery, individuals are given medication while also required to attend therapy that helps address things like unresolved trauma, undiagnosed mental health problems, identifying triggers, trigger avoidance skills, life skills, social skills, and more.

Prevail Recovery Center has available MAT in Fort Lauderdale and Knoxville.

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