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Introduction to Outpatient Treatment in South Florida

Prevail Recovery Center offers several different treatment options for those looking to recover from addiction and/or behavioral health disorder, and all our programs are personalized based on each patient’s individual needs. Outpatient treatment is a recovery program that is offered to people experiencing a milder addiction or behavioral health disorder or as a follow-up to our Intensive Outpatient Program or Partial Hospitalization Program.

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The Benefits of Our Outpatient Drug Rehab in South Florida

Our Fort Lauderdale Outpatient Program offers clients a part-time rehab plan where patients are able to utilize our individual and group therapy options as a means of overcoming an addiction and maintaining a sober lifestyle. Addiction is known as a relapsing disease, meaning that although one might overcome addiction at some point in their life, it is possible and likely that they fall back into the same patterns later in life. Therefore, outpatient rehab is an incredible option for those looking to continue in their recovery and revisit rehabilitation techniques to remain sober and stay on a positive path.


Our outpatient program in Fort Lauderdale is also an incredible option for those looking to continue in their rehabilitation following our IOP or PHP programs. Transitioning out of rehab can be difficult for people recovering from an addiction, and it is common for patients to opt for additional treatment to help make the transition more lucrative. Addiction and mental health disorders are not to be taken lightly, therefore opting for our outpatient program following a more intensive program is encouraged for patients who feel they still need some extra help. 


Prevail Recovery Center in South Florida offers an Outpatient Program that is personalized for each person’s individual needs. Prevail Recovery Center is an open environment for those suffering from addictions that range from mild to severe. We focus on clients throughout the entire recovery process to ensure they make a meaningful, life-long recovery.


What’s the Difference Between Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient?

Depending on the level of addiction you are suffering from, we have several different rehabilitation program options that contain various levels of treatment. An Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program requires patients to attend therapies, check-in with medical supervisors, and undergo more extensive treatment for multiple hours per day. IOPs require more intensive therapy as compared to traditional outpatient counseling. IOPs serve as an excellent option for those who cannot attend full-time PHP treatment.


An Outpatient Program is more focused on helping patients maintain their sobriety. Outpatient rehabilitation requires fewer hours of treatment, and it serves as a transitional form of treatment, helping a person as they integrate back into their normal daily lives outside of rehab.


Prevail Recovery Center offers varying levels of care depending on where you are with your addiction and/or mental health disorder. Both our Intensive Outpatient Program and our Outpatient Program offer incredible resources for those suffering from addiction and mental health problems. Deciding which option is right for you depends on where you are with your recovery and how you respond to treatment. We believe that no two addictions are the same, and no two people have the same experience, therefore we customize your treatment based on your specific needs. Our goal is to lead our patients to addiction recovery in the most effective way possible, and we take every measure to ensure we are sending each person on the right path. 


The Benefits of Our Outpatient Drug Rehab in South Florida

Attending outpatient drug rehab in South Florida is incredibly essential to a person’s recovery from addiction. Outpatient rehab is an ideal treatment option for those who have either just completed a PHP or IOP or for people who are motivated to overcome their addictions but require the flexibility of a program that works into their schedules. 


Outpatient rehab is also the best option for those who are suffering from a milder addiction and behavioral health disorder and for patients who do not require around-the-clock care. Outpatient rehab offers treatment sessions that can be scheduled during various times throughout the week, making it easy for people to continue leading normal lives while also getting the help that they need. Outpatient programs come in a variety of different formats at varying levels of intensity, and each patient’s program may vary based on their specific needs and how much attention they require in order to make a full recovery. The overall focus of an Outpatient Program is to focus on counseling and therapy as well as providing patients with education and a network of support.


For mild to moderate addictions and behavioral health disorders, outpatient rehab is typically the ideal option. Outpatient Programs are also more accessible and flexible than an Inpatient Program or Intensive Outpatient Program. More benefits of Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs include affordability, flexibility, less disruption, and access to family. Our Outpatient rehab in South Florida is an optimal first or last step to recovery, and it is important to consider as you transition in or out of rehab for an addiction. 


Find Healing at Our Outpatient Drug Rehab in Fort Lauderdale

Prevail Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers an incredibly effective Outpatient Program for those suffering from an addiction and/or mental health disorder and are looking to recover and/or transition back into their normal lives and out of rehab. 


At Prevail Recovery Center, our Outpatient Program is meant to help you maintain your sobriety. The program entails continued participation in individual and/or group therapy, regular weekly check-ins with case managers, and continued commitment to the supportive network we provide through our Alumni Program. 


Our therapies Individual Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Art Therapy, Daily Living Skills, Anger Management, Relapse Prevention, Relationship/Marriage Conflict Therapies, Family Integration Therapy, 12-Step Integration, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology, Person-Centered Approach, Trauma-Informed Therapies, and Inner Childhood Psychotherapy Work. We also offer amenities that include Nutritional Assistance/Consulting, Medication Management, Ancillary Therapies – i.e. Reiki, Sound Therapy, Guided Meditations


Sober Recreational Outings – i.e. Bowling, Movies, AA/NA Meeting Transport, AA/NA Events, Arcades, and more. We create customized treatment plans for each of our patients because we believe that there is no one size fits all method to treating people with addictions. 


Continue Your Recovery Journey in South Florida at Prevail Recovery Center

Prevail Recovery Center is a treatment facility located in South Florida, and we offer various levels of treatment to those suffering from addictions as well as behavioral health disorders. Our dedicated staff of medical professionals is acutely focused on helping each patient make a full recovery from their addictions and mental health disorders. 


Our vision at Prevail Recovery Center is to provide patients with the highest quality treatment to help in their road to a full, prosperous and life-long recovery. We take a 12-step approach to treatment, and we believe in treating people through the body, mind, and spirit. Addiction is a complex disease that affects all aspects of a person’s life, and we are aptly focused on helping our patients make a full, well-rounded recovery. 


At Prevail, our clinical services are personalized to fit the needs of each client to reduce symptoms, improve overall functionality and strengthen your capacity to live an independent, fulfilling life. Prevail’s approach to treatment is to provide a supportive, healing environment where clients can experience a meaningful and long-lasting recovery from whatever it might be that they are suffering from. 


Our Outpatient Program in South Florida offers patients the treatment they need to make a smooth transition back into their daily routines. The overriding benefit of our Outpatient Program is that you can participate in treatment while you are continuing to live your life and fulfill your obligations at home. While inpatient rehab does have its incredible benefits, it does remove you from your daily lives and it becomes that much more difficult to transition back into your routine upon your exit.

Our Outpatient Program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers you the flexibility to continue fulfilling your daily responsibilities while you continue to work on your healing process. Additionally, outpatient rehab allows you the opportunity to involve your family in your recovery. We strongly encourage our patients to come to Prevail Recovery Center with a clear mind and an open heart, ready to make a full recovery and lead a happy, fulfilled, and sober life. 


Prevail Recovery Center is a committed and understanding space with specialized, comprehensive care and time-proven treatments to support people struggling with their own addictions. We focus on mild and severe cases, guiding clients through the recovery process so they can lead sober and prosperous lives.

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