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Does TRICARE Pay for Drug Rehab?

TRICARE is a health insurance company specifically for the military. All active-duty, dependents, and retirees of the United States armed forces have TRICARE for their health insurance, dental insurance, prescriptions, and rehabilitation programs. If you need help with drug and alcohol addiction, your TRICARE coverage might be the solution.

Yes, TRICARE does pay for drug rehab, but the degree to which they pay is based on the coverage plan you have. Again, TRICARE covers plans for active duty, retirees, and their families, and each can have different levels of drug rehab coverage. TRICARE specializes in things like detoxification, emergency, and non-emergency inpatient services, as well as outpatient services, partial hospitalization, ongoing therapy, and medications.


You can learn about the specifics of your coverage by contacting TRICARE insurance directly and having them go over your policy coverage. However, this can result in long hold times and a complicated verification process that doesn’t necessarily explain what services are available to you. That is why Prevail Recovery’s staff is here to help.


The requirements for TRICARE drug and alcohol treatment vary and often include prerequisites like not having other mental health issues that are unaddressed. For that reason, you must verify what benefits are included in your TRICARE policy and under what circumstances you can get access to insurance coverage for specific treatment plans because there are so many different rules depending on the method you have. It can be overwhelming whether you are active duty, retired, active duty with a particular security clearance, or working in a specific field. That is why one of the easiest ways to verify what type of drug and alcohol rehab programs are covered with TRICARE outpatient coverage for insurance plans is to let us help.


At Prevail Recovery, we accept TRICARE Insurance, and we are an approved TRICARE rehab facility. We can confidentially investigate what your policy covers with some basic information from you. This is entirely confidential and does not get reported to anyone else. This means if you let us determine the benefits you have under your insurance policy, it won’t jeopardize your security clearance or your career in any way. What’s more, there is no obligation required from you nor any commitment. We can investigate your coverage for yourself or a family member under a given policy and explain what services and treatments are included. There might be situations where you have to pay out-of-pocket for things like a copay or a deductible. We can go over how much that will be based on what treatment is recommended for your situation. We can also review alternatives for paying off out-of-pocket expenses, such as federal and state programs, private financers, or payment plans.

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Does TRICARE Pay for Drug Rehab?

Aetna-Covered Addiction Treatment

What Does TRICARE Cover During Treatment?

If you are in need of drug and alcohol treatment, your TRICARE plan will typically cover inpatient and outpatient procedures and extend to evidence-based therapies, holistic therapies, and medications.


TRICARE outpatient coverage includes detoxification. Usually, detoxification is the first step in any recovery plan. With medically supervised detox, you can have medical supervision and medications to alleviate the severity of your withdrawal symptoms, to make the first few days of your initial cravings and withdrawal symptoms more manageable. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment

TRICARE drug and alcohol treatment includes coverage for medication-assisted treatment. Medication-assisted treatment is a type of substance abuse treatment plan for things like alcohol, addiction to benzodiazepines, or opioids. With this type of treatment plan, you get a prescription for FDA-approved medications that must be used in conjunction with ongoing therapy. The prescribed medicines reduce any pleasurable feelings associated with the substance and increase the side effects if you relapse. With TRICARE rehab coverage upon approval for this type of treatment plan, you might qualify for insurance coverage if you are addicted to opioids, if you require medication and oversight for your recovery, and if you need support outside of an inpatient rehab center. 

Mental Health Conditions

Addiction is often caused by a mental health issue that has not been diagnosed. So people turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. But with TRICARE rehab coverage, you can get help beyond your physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. TRICARE covers many mental health services, including:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychological tests and assessment
  • Psychotropic drugs
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Ancillary therapies
  • Opioid Treatment Programs


At Prevail Recovery, we specialize in medication-assisted treatment and opioid programs, as well as ancillary therapies like art therapy and music therapy. Our range of psychotherapy programs can be customized to fit your needs. 

Partial Hospitalization

TRICARE drug and alcohol treatment includes partial hospitalization programs. For this type of treatment, you can stay at a facility overnight for your initial detoxification and then go back to your daily routine after one or two days. TRICARE outpatient coverage will cover the cost of partial hospitalization for those who are struggling with alcohol addiction, substance abuse disorders, or mental health problems. TRICARE covers the cost of partial hospitalization for a wide range of withdrawal symptom management, those in need of stabilization, medication-assisted detox, or an inability to function in some regions of your life.


How Long Will TRICARE Cover Rehab?

This depends entirely on the type of plan and what treatment is recommended for you. In most cases, you can get coverage up to 12 weeks for outpatient services and longer if you undergo an evaluation and regular re-evaluations to verify the progress you have made.

Our Staff Can Help

Prevail Recovery Programs Accepts TRICARE Insurance

For TRICARE drug and alcohol treatment, many rehab facilities are approved by the insurance provider but Prevail Recovery stands alone as a boutique facility specializing in addressing the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of full recovery. With our TRICARE rehab coverage, we will meet with you for an evaluation to determine what type of service best fits your situation. Not all therapies or modalities are best for everyone, just as not all TRICARE coverage plans offer the same benefits. Working with our team can better understand what services you need the most and why. Then you can go about acquiring the recommendations or referrals you need from your primary care physician to get the coverage you deserve.


At our facility, we combine evidence-based practices like cognitive behavioral therapy, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, or family therapy with holistic modalities, including art therapy, music therapy, yoga, and meditation. Integrating conventional and ancillary services like this will address your mind and your body, giving you a better balance and the skills you need to function in a supportive environment without succumbing to the triggers of stress or anxiety.

Call Prevail Recovery today to learn how TRICARE insurance rehab can help you take back control!

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