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What Are the Signs of Alcoholism in Women? 

2023-05-24 00:49:48

What Are the Signs of Alcoholism in Women? 

Most of the time, when we think about addiction, we think about what we see in movies and TV. Unless you’ve dealt with it personally, you might not realize that each and every addiction is different and that how it affects one person is different from how it affects another. Moreover, what is even less known is that there are differences in how men and women are affected by different substances. This is true of most substances, including one of the most commonly abused ones, alcohol. 


Alcoholism is fairly common among both men and women, but the signs someone has an alcohol addiction and the effects it has on them can be different for men and women. This makes getting treatment different as well. In order to help a loved one with an alcohol addiction, it helps to know the signs. 


Find Luxury Rehabs is here with our network of providers to help you find the treatment you need, no matter the circumstances. We understand that the struggles that men and women have with addiction can be different, and we are here to make sure everyone gets the right kind of help for their own unique situation. 

Let us help you find luxury drug and alcohol rehabs near you today. 

Signs of Alcoholism in Women 

Before we talk about the specific effects of alcohol on women, one key thing to note is that in the past, men were much more likely to both drink and misuse alcohol, but recent data shows this trend is changing. Though we do not have all the facts, we know that part of this is due to the availability of alcohol, the decrease in social stigma around women drinking, and the increase in stress and mental health factors that lead to drinking in general. 


What we do know in terms of women drinking is that women tend to have a lower tolerance on average to alcohol due to lower body weight and less water in their bodies. This leads to faster intoxication. This also worsens the effects of alcohol on the body for women. 


Women who suffer from alcoholism will behave in certain ways. One clear sign a woman may be abusing alcohol is if they spend a lot of time recovering from the effects of alcohol, more so than others around them. They may also neglect responsibilities like work, school, or family in order to drink. They may also continue to drink despite negative social consequences. 


These behaviors are all common among alcohol abusers but may be escalated for some women who feel the effects more easily, leading to more drinking and abuse. Knowing the signs of alcohol abuse in women is not so difficult once you know what to look for.


Although the stigma around women drinking has decreased in recent years, women still struggle to get treatment for their addiction due to social pressure and shame. This makes getting them into treatment more difficult, but just as important to prevent harm and health complications. 

How to Find Luxury Rehabs Can Help With Your Alcohol Addiction 

We know that deciding to go to rehab for alcohol addiction can be hard enough, but finding the right treatment center can make it even more problematic. That’s why you need Find Luxury Rehabs; we help you find luxury drug and alcohol rehabs near you so that you do not have to worry about finding treatment, only on your recovery. 


We have a wide range of treatment options available so that even those who have struggled with their addiction for a long time can get the help they need. In some cases, gender-specific treatment is a great option to help improve the chances of completing treatment. We have many options available that can help women with alcohol addiction to learn how to cope with their addiction, live without alcohol, and heal from the damage it has caused. All of our partners use the latest and most effective types of treatment so that no matter where you choose to get treatment, you have the greatest chances of long-term recovery.  The best time to get treatment for your addiction is right now.


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