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What Happens After Rehab Ends?

2023-01-20 18:27:46

What Happens After Rehab Ends?

Even if you haven’t dealt with addiction yourself, you probably know what rehab is and why people with addiction need to go to rehab. What not everyone understands about addiction unless they have struggled with it themselves is that addiction does not end when rehab ends. The journey to stay sober continues; it only shifts to a different phase. Many people who have completed their rehab treatment still end up relapsing if they don’t have the proper help and support to stay sober. There are many things that can cause a person to relapse, and that’s why relapse prevention is a major part of the treatment and recovery process. 

Find Luxury Rehabs offers a network of resources for people to find rehabs and other programs to help with their addiction treatment and to continue on the path of sobriety. Addiction is a disease that stays with the person for their entire life. This is why continual help and support are necessary to stay sober. Even though people develop the skills to cope with their addiction, they are still at risk of using again if the right circumstances arise and they don’t have the necessary support to avoid using again. 

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What Happens After Rehab Ends?

What happens after rehab ends? Each person’s addiction journey is different, but typically, once they complete rehab, they are sent to the next phase of their recovery. For some, this involves trying to return to friends and family; for others, it means moving to sober living and looking for education or employment opportunities. Anyone who completes rehab is trying to rebuild their life. 

There are many things that can get in the way of a person successfully staying sober. Those who have been through rehab are more likely to face discrimination or have difficulty finding work. They may have to deal with legal issues related to their addiction, and if they aren’t ready to return to family, they may also need housing support. 

What is Relapse Prevention?

Relapse prevention is a type of program that aims to find why a person may relapse and develop strategies to prevent them from relapsing. This can come in a variety of forms, such as 12-step programs, support groups, sober living, one on one counseling, and much more. These types of programs are typically used in conjunction with other support and can be part of rehab as well as occur once rehab has ended. 

The type of program that is used will vary based on the needs of the individual. Each program has the same goal, but different methods are used. Some programs may be more intensive than others, requiring check-ins and testing to make sure a person hasn’t relapsed, particularly if the person has a history of relapse in the past or is at high risk of relapsing due to day-to-day stressors. 

Find Luxury Rehabs also has the ability to help people find relapse prevention programs as part of their rehab or as a separate program that happens after rehab has ended. 

What is the Importance of Relapse Prevention Programs in Addiction Treatment?

Relapse prevention is very important to addiction treatment because of what happens once rehab ends; the person needs continued support to stay sober. Relapse prevention provides them with that support and the tools they need to face a life free of addiction and not relapse. Relapse prevention develops coping mechanisms, identifies triggers, and helps clients learn how to recognize their own weaknesses when it comes to substance abuse. This can be specific to drugs they use, people they surround themselves with, stressful environments, or even trauma and mental illness.  

Without the skills and knowledge developed by relapse prevention, it is much easier for a person to start using a gain and wind up back in rehab or worse. 

How to Find Relapse Prevention

If you think relapse prevention can help you with overcoming your addiction, then now is the time to come to us at Find Luxury Rehabs. We have the network of service providers necessary to find any program you may need to assist with your recovery. Better yet, if you haven’t yet been through rehab, we can find a program that meets your needs and sets you up with follow-up care, sober living, and other services so that you have an easy transition out of rehab and back to a normal life.


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