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Couple’s Drug Rehab

Couple’s Drug Rehab


Get Sober With Your Partner

Are There Couples Rehab Programs?

Yes! With couples rehab in South Florida, you can go to treatment together if you are both battling addiction. While at rehab for couples, you would still participate in individual therapy, relationship counseling & group therapy together.

If you and your partner are struggling with addiction, or just one of you is struggling with addiction, it can tear your relationship apart. But with couples drug rehab, you can both participate in a constructive program to repair and rebuild your relationship moving forward.

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What is Couples Rehab?

Let’s take a step back and look at what couples drug rehab earliest. For a long time, it was believed that in relationships where both parties suffered from addiction, they should get treatment separately. Professionals believe that people should go about their recovery process individually, and having their partner present might cause problems or be a distraction.

It was also thought that couples where only one person had an addiction, should be apart rather than attend South Florida couples rehab. Again, under the auspices that involving another partner might cause unnecessary stress or complications.

Today that view is much different. Science indicates that in situations where both parties in a relationship have an addiction, attending couples alcohol rehab or couples drug rehab keeps Partners together while working to overcome their addictions.

Similarly, in situations where only one party has an addiction, attending South Florida couples rehab together, particularly couples therapy, gives us a chance to strengthen the relationship while improving communication, overcoming barriers, and working towards sobriety.

During couples rehab in South Florida, both parties get to participate in things like therapy together. It takes a whole team and network of social support during rehab for individuals to achieve long-term sobriety, and involving a partner in that process means more stability at home and in the relationship.


Everyone can benefit from education on improved communication within their relationships. But during addiction, that can be essential to overcoming substance abuse.

For example: Sometimes, one partner uses inappropriate language that causes the other partner to feel guilty about an addiction beyond their control. Other times one partner uses language that’s dismissive of the severity of the addiction or mental health concerns that go along with addiction, making it difficult for someone with a substance abuse issue to get the help they need within a supportive family environment.

Good couples rehab programs help partners communicate more effectively. These programs involve therapy sessions that can help individuals learn when and how to communicate effectively and the best way to prevent personal emotions, express gratitude, and support one another.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict happens in every relationship, but if it’s not dealt with properly, it can be left to fester and lead to worse problems like ongoing addiction. Conflict over an addiction between one or both parties can strain family finances, relationships with children, social engagement, and physical and mental health. South Florida couple’s rehab helps partners utilize conflict resolution techniques.

Destructive Behaviors

Rehab for couples provides education on destructive behaviors like enabling or codependency so that couples can identify where they might have practiced these destructive behaviors and replace them with healthier ways that solidify their relationship and long-term addiction recovery.

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The Pros of Attending Rehab Together

The Pros of Attending Rehab Together What Are the Benefits of a Rehab Program for Couples?

The most significant benefit to a rehab program for couples is the fact that you can both participate in addiction treatment and improve the health of your relationship. In addition to individual therapy, a significant tenant rehab for couples is participation in marriage or relationship counseling.


So you attend some form of couples therapy together. During that time, you have a chance to address things like:

  1. The destructive cycle that addiction and marital problems can have
  2. How to promote better communication
  3. How to restructure your interactions to facilitate long-term sobriety

Behavioral Couples Therapy

For couples drug rehab, you might participate in something like behavioral couples therapy. This type of addiction treatment aims to reduce your risk of relapse by facilitating better communication and conflict resolution between you and your partner. Doing so helps you increase your commitment to one another and improve your motivation to stay sober as a couple.

Alcohol-focused Behavioral Couples Therapy

If you are attending couples alcohol rehab, cognitive behavioral therapy can help you both recognize drinking behavior and what social or environmental factors might have influenced that behavior so that you can work together to avoid it.

Recovering Couples Anonymous

As you continue in your collective recovery and sustained sobriety, you can actually find ongoing group therapy similar to Alcoholics Anonymous but for couples so that you can receive support as a couple, develop better intimacy, and restore the relationship.

Mental Health Treatment

For many people struggling with addiction, a key part of South Florida couples rehab has to be a treatment for co-occurring disorders. Getting help for mental health disorders at the same time as you treat your addiction means a better chance of developing appropriate coping skills, identifying triggers, and improving communication and trust between one another.


How to Find Outpatient Addiction Treatment forCouples at Prevail Recovery Cente

If you are ready to find couples rehab in South Florida, you can:

  1. Ask your doctor for recommendations. Any primary care physician or mental health department tasked with overseeing treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders should be able to provide a list of facilities specializing in rehab for couples.
  2. You can also talk to our staff at Prevail Recovery. Our staff can review the specific therapies we offer, how we schedule individual and group meetings, and which type of therapy might be best for you and your partner.

When evaluating outpatient addiction treatment centers, you want to look at things like:


Look at the accreditation or the reviews. Prevail Recovery Center is a top-rated Florida rehab facility, and we have the accreditation and the reviews to prove it.

Outpatient Programs

If you are looking into outpatient programs, then you probably need a facility that has flexible schedule options. Suppose you and your partner both work but still want to get addiction treatment. In that case, you might need to participate in a short detox followed by a demanding itinerary of individual and group therapy in the evenings around your work schedules. Good outpatient centers like Prevail help you find flexible programs that fit the time of day which works best for you and your partner.

Work Ratios

Look into the work ratios. A good outpatient treatment center should have a staff-to-patient ratio that provides you with the individual care you need. The staff should also be highly experienced and qualified. The experience and qualifications required for different treatments can vary.

Someone who is offering guided meditation might have a lot of training, first-hand experience, and a few certifications from meditation-based organizations, whereas someone providing couples therapy or marriage counseling should be a licensed therapist.


Finally, the cost of couples rehab shouldn’t necessarily be greater than what you and your partner would respectively spend on individual addiction treatment. But the costs can vary depending on the type of care you are receiving, how long you work with a facility and the rehab center you choose. You can reach out to our staff to learn more about the amenities we offer and the cost of our specialized treatment.

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