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Men’s Addiction Treatment

Men and women experience addiction very differently. Men are more likely to develop long-term addictions, they take longer to ask for help from South Florida men rehab, and if men can’t get the substance that is usually abused, they’re more likely to try something else as long as it achieves the same effect.

No matter how moderate drugs or alcohol are abused, there is a high risk of addiction. Men typically start using drugs to gain social acceptance. And when that happens, it’s important to turn to men’s addiction treatment programs in South Florida.



What Are the Benefits of Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment for Men?

Gender-specific addiction treatment for men brings a lot of benefits.

  1. Because men are more likely to struggle with alcoholism, gender-specific addiction treatment can offer FDA-approved medication-assisted detox programs for alcoholism. Alcohol has a high risk of medical complications if you try to detox alone, but with Prevail Recovery, you don’t have to.


2. Because men are more likely to continue to abuse drugs and alcohol for improved performance, either personally or professionally, gender-based addiction treatment allows being open and honest about that struggle. You can meet in group therapy with other men going through the same pressures, gain support, and learn coping mechanisms and stress management techniques that you can apply in your daily life.

If you are ready for a South Florida men’s rehab, let Prevail Recovery help.


Addiction Statistics for Men

Research indicates that men and women respond differently to drugs and develop different addictive behaviors as a result. Men traditionally are more likely to drink than women and to use illegal drugs recreationally.

Men are more likely to try drugs to be part of a group. Drug use doesn’t escalate to addiction in men as rapidly as it does in women; however, once the addictive behavior is established in men, men will have more significant withdrawal symptoms, primarily from alcohol.

Research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse states:


  • Males who abuse marijuana have worse family relationships and work or school problems than their female counterparts.
  • Men who are addicted to marijuana have higher rates of antisocial personality disorder and additional substance use disorders.


  • Men are more likely to use more significant amounts of heroin for a longer length of time.
  • Men are more likely to inject heroin.


  • Men experience higher rates of alcohol abuse and binge drinking.


  • MDMA has an increased blood pressure effect on men.

Cocaine and Meth

  • Men are more likely to experience problems with blood flow to the brain after using cocaine or methamphetamine.

Prevail Recovery Center offers top-rated addiction treatment in South Florida for men. Contact us today to learn more.


Are Men AffectedDifferently by Addiction?

Biology plays a significant role in determining addiction. Data indicates that biological gender can determine how you are affected by substance abuse. The age at which you start using, the causes as to why, what substances you use, and how your body and brain react will differ as a man.

Seeking out South Florida men’s rehab is an important step because it helps you acknowledge your problem and find a treatment program that takes into account social factors, your mental health, and any trauma that might have contributed to your substance abuse.

Men are more likely to report alcohol abuse and marijuana abuse than women. And if you are more likely to report it, you are more likely to accept the need for men’s addiction treatment in South Florida.

A lot of men start using drugs and alcohol because they think it offers benefits. Men will usually turn to alcohol or drugs to improve their social skills, enhance athletic performance, help them attract a partner, or simply gain social acceptance in a group.

Men generally start abusing drugs at a higher rate than women, and they are slower to get treatment. But once men enter a South Florida men’s addiction treatment program, the success and sobriety rates are much higher than women.

Men are more likely to use almost all illicit drugs than women. And illicit drugs are more likely to result in emergency room visits or overdose.

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Men and Addiction Treatment


Understanding how men are affected differently means getting personalized help with Prevail Recovery.

Men generally don’t have as many mental health disorders associated with addiction, so getting help from men’s rehab in South Florida can be fast and simple with Prevail Recovery’s Florida outpatient program.

Partial Hospitalization

With Prevail Recovery, a big part of our South Florida men’s rehab is partial hospitalization. We understand that addiction can be difficult to leave behind, but we also know that addiction is a treatable disease. If you are ready to make a change, we can help you.

A big reason why men so often avoid getting the help they need is simply that personal or professional responsibilities constrain them. Socially speaking, it is generally more acceptable for women to take a month or two off and seek treatment for addiction, but men still bear the burden of being one of the main Breadwinners, with careers that don’t necessarily allow for that much time off.

At Prevail Recovery, we start our South Florida men’s addiction treatment program with things like partial hospitalization. A partial hospitalization program gives you intensive treatment without having to stay overnight. This is an effective alternative to a 30-day or 60-day inpatient treatment and lets you access the same type of inpatient treatment program but without having to leave your family or professional responsibilities overnight.

Intensive Outpatient

Prevail Recovery also offers intensive outpatient men’s rehab in South Florida. Our intensive outpatient program focuses on treating the mind and the body. We understand that multiple factors often contribute to your addiction, even if you may have only started abusing drugs and alcohol to fit in.

Our facility utilizes evidence-based treatments and therapies to help you address your addiction and heal your mind and body on a schedule that works around your other commitments. You can find a combination of individual therapy, group therapy like the 12-step program, and holistic treatment like yoga and meditation classes in and around your work schedule or family commitments.

Finding Men’s Drug Rehab in South Florida & Tennessee Rehab

Choosing the right South Florida Men’s rehab can be difficult. It’s important that you know what to look for in your treatment center.

  • Men’s addiction treatment in South Florida should be properly licensed and accredited.
  • Men’s rehab in South Florida should have clinical staff who can provide their credentials and licenses. Not all staff members require a license or accreditation, but professionals should have professional training and experience associated with whatever service they offer.
  • South Florida men’s addiction treatment program practices should be evidence-based. Institutions like Prevail Recovery utilize scientifically founded therapies like the 12-step model, medication-assisted therapy, and things like cognitive behavioral therapy for mental health treatment.

If you are ready to get help, we are here for you. You deserve to live your best life and to take control back into your own hands. Let us help you.

Let Prevail Recovery help you find the right men’s addiction treatment in South Florida.

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