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Introduction to Veteran Addiction Treatment

Military members are among the bravest of our nation, moving regularly, traveling to foreign lands, dealing with unknown dangers, and regularly putting their lives at risk. Veterans might bring home physical injuries or the horrors of what they saw. And this can lead to self-medication, PTSD, and drug and alcohol abuse.


But with Prevail Recovery, you can get help today.

The stress of deployment and the unique culture and demands of military personnel place active duty and veterans at a higher risk for substance abuse and alcoholism.

Not everyone is comfortable getting substance abuse treatment for veterans through the VA system. And in other situations, the VA might not offer the program you need. That is why Finding the right veterans rehab is so important.

Prevail Recovery Center is a Florida rehab program. Reach out to Prevail Recovery and see why we are a top-rated veterans treatment in South Florida and Tennessee.


Veteran Addiction Statistics

According to the US Government Accountability Office, 2.1 million veterans received mental health treatment between 2006 and 2010. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, only 50% of the veterans who need treatment get it.

  • While on deployment, veterans are more likely to engage in risky behavior, unhealthy drinking, smoking, and drug use.
  • The stigma and risk of losing a security clearance and zero tolerance policies of the military discourage people from getting the help they need. In fact, 50% of military personnel believe that if they even ask for help with a mental health issue, it will hurt their career.
  • While random drug testing might inhibit illicit drug use, binge drinking for veterans is significantly higher compared to the general population. One in 10 veterans has been diagnosed with a substance use disorder.
  • Cannabis use disorders increased more than 50% among veterans from 2002 until 2009.
  • Over 10% of Veteran admissions for substance use disorders were for heroin.

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Why is Veteran Substance Abuse Prevalent?

Veteran substance abuse and the need for veterans rehab are prevalent for many reasons, all of which overlap.


Firstly, active duty endures daily stress beyond what others have to contend with. Regardless of branch, active duty military have to struggle with knowing they have given up many of their personal liberties and rights in exchange for becoming government property.


This means a lot of chafing against boundaries that you may not have realized you put on yourself.

For example, when most people in the private sector have a boss who doesn’t pay attention, ignores the rules, breaks the law, is incompetent, or is taking out a personal vendetta against an employee who reminds them of the stepfather from their youth, that person can quit.

In the military, that option doesn’t exist.

As a result, workplace stress is significantly higher because there is never an option of just quitting when things get too severe. There’s not really an option for changing departments or reporting someone to HR.

There’s the additional stress of knowing that every year or two, you and your family will be completely uprooted and move somewhere else, not to mention regularly getting orders for deployment. At any given moment, orders could drop that say you have to leave your family immediately for an unknown length of time or six months, missing critical milestones within your family and friend groups.


Whether in your everyday job or on deployment, there’s a high risk of trauma and a severe need for veterans’ treatment in South Florida and Tennessee. Trauma can be something you experienced personally, something you witness directly or hear about indirectly, or something a friend or family member with whom you are close experiences.

That trauma can come from:

  • War
  • Violence
  • Torture
  • Car accidents
  • Losing loved ones
  • Divorce
  • Assault
  • Suicide
  • Natural disasters


PTSD happens when that trauma is left untreated. As trauma worsens and the symptoms increase, it’s too common for military members to self-medicate, especially with alcohol. And this requires veteran drug and alcohol rehab to overcome.

Anxiety and Depressive Disorders

Trauma and PTSD can lead to anxiety and depressive disorders. Workplace stress, when left unchecked, results in a high rate of anxiety and depressive disorders, especially among younger enlisted who don’t feel like they are being heard or that they matter to the people above them.

Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol can often exacerbate symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorders and even lead to the development of these disorders and people who may not have had them beforehand.

Sleep Disorders

Almost all of the struggles dealt with by veterans overlap, and sleep disorders represent one of the central components of the Venn diagram of why veterans’ substance abuse is so prevalent.

Veterans have stress at work, which results in sleep disorders. They endure trauma and PTSD, which leads to more sleep disorders. So they self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, which leads to sleep disorders. Then they get injured because they’re tired, so they self-medicate more, leading to more injuries and sleep disorders.


Injuries are a serious risk on the job during training exercises, TDYs, or deployments. Despite the comprehensive medical insurance that is often an appealing benefit to joining the military, in many situations, individuals can’t get the treatment they need for a physical or mental health condition because there’s a risk of losing their security clearance and ultimately their job.

So, veterans turn to self-medication. Drug and alcohol abuse can eventually necessitate veterans’ treatment in South Florida and Tennessee for drugs and alcohol and mental health conditions accompanying it.

Let Prevail Recovery help you get drug treatment for veterans and take back control of your life with our Florida addiction treatment programs.


Are There Veteran AddictionTreatment Rehabs?

Yes! At Prevail Recovery, we know what it is like to deal with addiction. We have exceptional staff for veteran drug and alcohol rehab who appreciate the career-specific struggles and burdens placed on our veterans.

When you feel you can’t get help in the system, we can give you veterans treatment in South Florida.

  • We understand how difficult it can be to accept help or even ask for it, particularly where your mental health is concerned. But we protect your privacy; we don’t report to your command structure. Instead, we work with you as part of our veteran’s rehab program to give you mental health support for things like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and trauma.
  • Our Florida outpatient drug treatment for veterans teaches you coping skills, trigger identification, and stress management skills through our integrated medicine, family therapy, yoga therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and more. All of these holistic interventions allow you to treat your mind and body as one.
  • Our goal is to help you address the factors that have contributed to your PTSD or addiction struggles and then to give you relapse prevention education so you can control your future.

Don’t let things like PTSD control you. Let Prevail Recovery help you get drug treatment for veterans.

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Our Veteran Addiction Treatment in South Florida

Finding the right rehab program means finding veteran drug and alcohol rehab.

With Prevail Recovery, our veterans’ rehab program specializes in offering dual diagnosis treatment so you can get help for your underlying mental health conditions. We offer a range of Florida holistic therapies, including family therapy, so you and your loved ones can better understand addiction and the recovery process together. As part of our veterans’ treatment in South Florida, you can participate in animal-assisted therapy, get medication for mental health problems outside of the Tricare system, and find coping mechanisms that work for your situation.

Let Prevail Recovery help you find veteran’s drug and alcohol rehab today. You deserve to live your best life.

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