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Why South Florida is the Recovery Capital


South Florida Recovery

People who struggle with addiction want a place excused from their regular environment, home, and local triggers. Many individuals find it easier to get sober if they can turn to a local boutique residential facility environment, nowhere near the same hustle and bustle that led to or contributed to their addiction in the first place. That’s where Florida recovery programs come into play. 

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South Florida is the Recovery Capital


South Florida Addiction Statistics

South Florida represents 31% of the population of the state. There are hundreds of recovery centers in Florida that specialize in Florida-based alcohol recovery, opioid addiction, prescriptions, and more. 

  • Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused drugs in South Florida. There are over 1,000 deaths related to cocaine annually.
  • 2/3 of cocaine users are male.
  • Heroin and manufactured fentanyl have increased over the last few years, accounting for 14% of drug rehab admissions in 2019.
  • Levels of methamphetamine overdose deaths have increased since 2018.
  • 10% of drug rehab admissions throughout South Florida are for methamphetamine 
  • Alprazolam and Oxycodone are two of the most popularly abused prescription drugs.


Why is South Florida Considered the Recovery Captial?

Florida has quickly become the rehab capital for people all over the United States. South Florida, in particular, has a significant number of treatment centers and thriving recovery communities but make it easier to not only undergo residential treatment but continue with outgoing and aftercare. In fact, many recovering addicts find a South Florida recovery center to be such a comfortable and supportive environment that they simply move there after their recovery in order to facilitate long-term stability and take advantage of everything Florida has to offer. The benefits of using a recovery center in Florida are vast and include:

Many Treatment Programs

Firstly, there are hundreds of recovery centers in Florida which means you can find many treatment programs and select the one that best fits your needs. If you don’t know what it is you need, you can shop around, speaking with representatives from different facilities to learn more about what they offer, in which situations different programs might be best for you, and what they suggest based on your circumstances. Recovery doesn’t have to look the same for everyone, and that is why you can find recovery centers in Florida that specialize in female-only, male-only, or LGBTQ-friendly programs. Some facilities support alternative recovery with holistic treatments, while others focus solely on things like 12-step programs. If you have tried rehabilitation before and failed, South Florida can alleviate the pressure you feel not to fail again by giving you a different type of program that might be better designed for your needs.

Good Weather and Outdoor Climate

South Florida offers great weather year-round. Many people who struggle with underlying mental health conditions like depression or anxiety might find that their home climate with harsh winters or extreme summers exacerbates the symptoms. But in Florida, you can enjoy consistent temperatures in the seventies, an abundance of sunshine, and oceans. One of the biggest selling points for Florida-based addiction treatment is easy access to good weather and outdoor activities. 


In fact, many alcohol recovery Florida facilities integrate outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, or walks on the beach as part of your holistic rehab program. Being active and being outdoors brings with it a multitude of benefits over sitting in a room, trapped in your own thoughts.

Supportive Communities

Florida has sober, supportive communities. Because of the statistics surrounding addiction in the State of Florida, many people have undergone treatment at different rehab facilities and continue to attend AA meetings or other 12-step meetings. Many businesses focus specifically on employing people who are in recovery. Different cities throughout South Florida offer recreational sports leagues or radio stations, or other community groups that focus only on people who are in recovery, providing a supportive and sober network of opportunities and social interaction.


What Treatment Programs Are Available in South Florida?

Addiction treatment Florida based offers a range of treatment programs, beginning with the two basics:

Inpatient Treatment

With inpatient rehab in Florida, you live at the facility, and you have a comprehensive daily schedule that involves different types of therapies. You have to have your meals at the facility, and you are typically confined to the facility for the length of your rehab program. When you start with inpatient care, you get to undergo things like medically assisted detox. This helps you manage your withdrawal symptoms in a structured and safe environment.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient is the next level. Some people start with outpatient Florida rehab for less serious cases that don’t necessarily need things like medically supervised detox. Once you have completed your inpatient program, you can return to your regular home or reside in South Florida and continue to attend a part-time schedule of outpatient therapies.


Most addiction treatment in Florida specializes in dual diagnosis situations. This is where you struggle with an addiction and a mental health disorder. This might be drug addiction and PTSD or unresolved childhood trauma. It could be drug addiction or alcoholism and anxiety, or depression. Within these two types of treatment programs, you can find different therapies and holistic treatments that you like best. This type of dual diagnosis means you get a wider range of therapies and treatment options that fit your needs and can be altered as you do things like getting medication to better control symptoms of your mental health condition or develop control methods for triggers. 


You can find different holistic programs, fitness and nutrition programs, educational classes, skills courses, and more within these treatment programs. This might include:

Individual Psychotherapy

Group Therapy

Art Therapy

Music Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy

Nutritional Assistance/Consulting

Medication Management


Sound Therapy

Guided Meditations

Sober Recreational Outings


Daily Living Skills

Anger Management

Relapse Prevention

Relationship/Marriage Conflict Therapies

Family Integration Therapy

12-Step Integration

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Positive Psychology

Person-Centered Approaches

Trauma-Informed Therapies

Inner Childhood Psychotherapy Work


How to Find the Best Treatment to Fit Your Needs in South Florida

Our rehab in Florida specializes in incorporating these treatments and many others. People who are undergoing recovery need to target the mind and the body with equal focus. Unfortunately, too many facilities in other locations fail to address emotional, mental, and psychological well-being leaving individuals to struggle long after they finish detox. Rather than leave you susceptible to a higher risk of relapse, our facility targets your mind and your body as one.


If you or your loved ones are looking for help with your substance abuse and you need a fresh start, consider our boutique Florida rehab facility. Our staff offers a compassionate, customized approach. We provide detox and residential inpatient services as well as amenities throughout your stay, such as medication management, nutrition consulting, sober recreational activities, and ancillary therapies. With a wide range of holistic treatments to accompany your individual and group therapies, we can find a selection of daily programs that makes your residential schedule rewarding, fulfilling, and comfortable. We offer things like art therapy, family therapy, relapse prevention education, daily living skills, anger management, and positive psychology-centered approaches. Let us help you start your recovery today.


Contact Prevail Recovery Center today to learn about Florida-based detox, outpatient, and dual diagnosis treatment.


How to Find Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs in South Florida

Like all types of therapy, the integration of animal-assisted therapy into your drug and alcohol rehab program is something that should be agreed upon by staff members at your facility. Professionals will be able to help you decide what type of animal-assisted therapy is offered in your area and would work best as a complementary and holistic treatment program for your overarching rehab plan.


At our South Florida rehab facility, we specialize in treating the mind and body as one. A big part of that specialty is to provide a range of cutting-edge holistic treatments like yoga therapy, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Guided Meditations, medication management, and animal-assisted therapy programs. We work hard to customize a program that takes into account your needs, and while you recover with us, that might include working with a trained animal therapist. 


Contact Prevail Recovery Center today to learn more about animal-assisted therapy and outpatient addiction treatment programs in South Florida.

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