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Gender-Specific Treatment

Women & Addiction


Women typically start abusing drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication. It might start innocently enough, dealing with emotional trauma or physical pain. Women experience pain and mental health issues at a higher rate compared to men, and as a result, women are more likely to use things like prescription drugs to manage pain and mental health issues.


Because women are less likely to accept any type of drug and would prefer to stick with the drug they know, addiction rates can happen very quickly. That is why finding women’s rehab in South Florida is so important.


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Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment for Women


What Are the Benefits of Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment for Women?

There are many benefits of women’s rehab in South Florida, including:

  1. You get specialized care.
  2. You have access to mental health treatment. 
  3. You can incorporate your family into your therapy. 
  4. You can get a flexible schedule that accommodates personal or professional responsibilities.
  5. You can feel more comfortable sharing your experiences with women just like you without feeling like you can’t be honest because men are in the room.

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Substance Abuse Statistics in Women

Numerous case studies have found that an art therapy rehab program benefits people with emotional and physical illnesses. 

Some case studies with younger individuals have found that art therapy treatment can be useful in recovering from eating disorders, sexual abuse, or severe injuries. Studies with adults who use start therapy found that it can be particularly useful in overcoming grief, bereavement, and addiction. Art therapy has been found to:

  1. Engage attention helping you to focus on the present moment instead of looking to the past or the future
  2. Provide pleasure, especially when other things no longer do so
  3. Improve neuropsychiatric symptoms, social behavior, and self-esteem


Are Women Impacted Differently by Drugs?

In many ways, yes. Research indicates differences in how women respond to drug abuse and how drugs form addictive behaviors. 


Women are more likely to initially acquire an addiction because they experience more pleasurable responses to certain drugs like cocaine compared to men. Women are also more likely to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. Women tend to escalate from initial drug and alcohol use to the point of addiction very quickly especially compared to men. Once that addictive behavior is established, women experience more significant side effects and are much more likely to relapse after quitting. 


Some studies show that women experiencing more significant pleasurable symptoms associated with drug and alcohol use and greater unpleasant withdrawal symptoms contribute to a higher relapse rate. So does the more significant effect on mood stabilization and anxiety that drugs tend to have for women.


Women and Addiction Treatment

Women are more susceptible to cravings and to relapse, which is why comprehensive women’s addiction treatment in South Florida is so important.


Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is critical to comprehensive addiction treatment, but it’s especially imperative for women. At Prevail Recovery, we specialize not only in treating detox and addiction recovery but providing you with critical skills and education so that you can overcome the risk of cravings and relapse long-term.


Dual Diagnosis

Women are more likely to use drugs as a form of self-medication to cope with mental health disorders like depression or anxiety. Stress from managing a home, a family, and a career manifest higher anxiety levels for women than it does for men. It also puts women at a higher risk of needing women’s addiction treatment in South Florida.


That is why Prevail Recovery offers dual diagnosis services. With our dual diagnosis treatment services, we can not only help you overcome your physical addiction, but we can give you individual and group therapy to treat things like:

  • OCD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Trauma


Family Therapy

Women who serve as primary caregivers for their families and work hard to keep their home a loving and supportive environment might not realize their drug or alcohol abuse’s impact. At Prevail Recovery, we understand that addiction affects the entire family and that children and loved ones notice more than we think as an addict.


A big part of our facility is providing holistic treatment services, including family therapy. With our South Florida Women’s rehab, you can involve your loved ones in the recovery process so that everyone gets a better understanding of how addiction works and how they can help facilitate your long-term recovery.

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Our Women’s Drug Rehab in South Florida

When you are ready to find a South Florida women’s addiction treatment program, look for a facility that uses evidence-based practices. Examples of this can include family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, art therapy, yoga, and meditation.


Find a South Florida women’s rehab clinic that offers the right type of medication-assisted detox plan as well. Women are more likely to abuse prescription drugs and more likely to experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Therefore women are more likely to require an FDA-approved medication-assisted detox treatment to help combat the severe withdrawal symptoms. With Prevail Recovery, we can help you get medication-assisted detox. 


Look for a women’s addiction treatment in South Florida that offers a multidisciplinary treatment team with specialists like nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, yoga instructors, or spiritual care counselors. At Prevail Recovery, we understand the importance of nutrition, yoga, meditation, and more. 


Let Prevail Recovery help you start women’s addiction treatment in South Florida. 

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