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How Do I Know If I Am an Alcoholic?

2023-01-31 18:25:23

How Do I Know If I Am an Alcoholic?

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism affects millions of people every day. Part of the struggle is that many people may not realize that they have an alcohol addiction or that their drinking is a problem. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “how do I know if I am an alcoholic, “you’re taking a step in the right direction. The first step to getting help if you have an addiction is recognizing that you may have a problem. From there, you can work to find the services and resources you need to get sober. 

Find Luxury Rehabs is a service that helps people find luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers near you, whether they are dealing with alcohol addiction or some other kind of addiction. The only way to truly deal with an addiction is by finding treatment for your specific addiction at a licensed treatment facility. 

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism, also called alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction is characterized as an inability to stop or control one’s drinking of alcohol despite negative consequences. What this means is that a person loses their ability to control their drinking habits even if bad things happen to them. This often leads to a person having problems with relationships, like family and friends; it can also lead to extreme health problems and legal problems if the drinking causes them to violate the law. 

Alcoholism can take different forms, and there is no way of knowing how quickly a person may become addicted to drinking alcohol; it is different for each individual. In some cases, a person with alcoholism needs to drink alcohol every day. Other times, the individual engages in what is known as binge drinking. Binge drinking occurs when a person drinks excessively on occasion, usually to the point of blacking out. 

How Do I Know If I am an Alcoholic?

There is no simple way to answer the question, “how do I know if I am an alcoholic.” Being an alcoholic is different for each person. There are some signs that you may be drinking excessively or that alcohol has become a problem in your life. 

One factor that many people with alcoholism share is choosing to drink even when they shouldn’t. If alcohol starts to cause negative consequences, yet you continue to drink anyway, this is a sign you may be an alcoholic. Prioritizing the drinking of alcohol overwork or other life responsibilities is another sign of an alcoholic. Once alcohol becomes more important than family and friends and starts destroying relationships, it is time to get help. Similarly, alcoholism can have very severe negative impacts on a person’s health that, if left untreated, can be deadly.

Is There a Test for Alcoholism?

There is no specific test for alcoholism. Doctors can perform a psychiatric evaluation, and certain health tests may be linked to the use of alcohol. These are strong indicators of alcoholism, but there is no test for alcoholism specifically. 

Instead, specialists in addiction look at patterns of behavior and consequences to determine if a person may have a problem with alcohol and may need addiction treatment. 

What Causes Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a complex disease for there is no cure, but there are two distinct causes of alcoholism. 

The first cause of alcoholism is due to the fact that, over time, alcohol use chemically alters the body. This change causes the body to need alcohol to function normally, which is what causes a person to crave alcohol and continue to drink even past normal limits. 

The second reason that most people develop alcoholism is that they enjoy the way that alcohol makes them feel. Alcohol is known as a social lubricant because it lowers a person’s inhibitions and, makes them more social, relieves anxiety and other issues. Many people will continue to drink to achieve this feeling, especially in social settings or to cope with other life circumstances. 

How to Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you think that you might have an alcohol addiction and you’re ready to start treatment, Find Luxury Rehabs is here to help. Our proven assessment program helps match clients with the right addiction treatment program for their needs, and we have access through our network to a wide variety of treatment options and programs to deal with alcohol addiction as well as the consequences of the addiction. Now is the time. Contact us to get help with your addiction today and learn what type of drug rehab is best for you. 


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