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How Do Opioids Affect The Body?

2023-02-17 20:02:03

How Do Opioids Affect The Body?

Even if you’ve never suffered from an addiction, you’ve likely heard of the term opioids and how America is facing an opioid epidemic. Opioids are some of the most widely prescribed drugs in America, which is part of what makes them such a problem. However, knowing that opioids exist and understanding why people become addicted are two separate issues. The first thing to understand is which drugs are opioids. From there, knowing how opioids will help determine if you or someone you know has an opioid addiction. 

Once you understand how opioids work, it is easier to accept that you may have a problem and need help. Finding treatment for opioid addiction is the only way to recover and take back your life. Find Luxury Rehabs is here to help clients struggling with opioid addiction find the best rehab center for you. We have a vast network of treatment providers across several states that can help you find the treatment options that work best for you. There’s no need to struggle with your addiction issues alone. 

Find Luxury Rehabs in a service that can help you find the best luxury drug and alcohol rehabs near you. Contact us today to learn more.

Which Drugs Are Opioids?

The term opioids gets thrown around a lot, but which drugs are they, and why are there so many? Opioids are mostly known as pain relievers; while not all pain relievers are opioids, all opioids are pain relievers. Most notable among the opioid are the prescription drugs in the “oxy” family as well as more serious drugs like fentanyl and the illegal drug heroin. 

The primary reason for the opioid epidemic is the sheer volume of opioid prescriptions that are issued. Even with tight regulations and limits on opioid prescriptions, a startling number are prescribed daily. Many people need these drugs due to chronic or acute pain. Opioids are widely used thanks to their ability to help manage pain in patients with different types of pain. This is why prescriptions are still widely given. 

How Do Opioids Affect the Body?

Opioids are responsible for the management of pain due to the way they interact with the body. Opioids bind to and activate opioid receptors throughout the body. The opioid receptors are responsible for the body’s response to both pain and pleasure. Over time the opioid alters the body’s response to pain by both slowing the reaction and changing the feeling that the body produces. This also causes the body to become dependent on the drugs to feel a sense of “normalcy.” Many addicted users like how the drug makes them feel, which is why they continue using. 

Even weaker opioids are considered highly addictive, so even those with a legitimate prescription can find themselves addicted purely by taking them regularly. This is part of why opioid addiction is incredibly high compared to other types of addiction, as many who become addicted do not actively misuse the drug, at least to start. 

What Are the Signs of Opioid Abuse?

You can look for certain signs to tell if someone you know is abusing opioids. First, you may notice that they start to behave differently when they have used their medication than when they haven’t. Opioids can produce a feeling of relaxation or euphoria, which makes people move more slowly and appear happy or content, which can be out of character, depending on the situation. 

If you know that they have a certain prescription and alter the amount or way they are taking the medication without a doctor’s consent, this is a clear sign that they are likely abusing the drug. This usually starts with taking more than prescribed and moves to changing the way they ingest the drug, such as snorting or injecting, versus taking a pill. 

Lastly, you may notice that they become disassociated with events and activities they used to enjoy. This is a common side effect of drug abuse but is more prevalent with opioids because of the way opioids impact the brain, particularly the reward center of the brain. 

How to Find the Best Opioid Rehab Center For You

Once you know that a person has an opioid addiction, the next step is finding them an opioid treatment center. Find Luxury Rehabs has a vast network of providers, but we don’t just match clients to the treatment center closest to them. We use assessment tests to match clients to a rehab facility that works best for their needs. Thanks to our network of providers, we have access to treatment options that cover all needs, from outpatient care to partial hospitalization. Don’t let an opioid addiction ruin your loved one’s life. Contact us today!


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