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What Are The Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse?

2023-04-19 18:26:15

What Are The Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse?

Prescription drug abuse has become a major problem in the United States. Whether someone is abusing a drug they have been prescribed on purpose, or they become addicted by accident and start abusing their prescription, the problem is still a serious one that affects millions of Americans. Because most of the time, these prescriptions are necessary to treat medical issues, it can be hard to tell if someone has a problem before it is too late. The best way to help someone that may or may not have a prescription drug addiction is to know what the signs look like and to get them help as soon as possible. 

Once you understand more about prescription drug abuse symptoms and are ready to get your loved one help, Find Luxury Rehabs will be there for you. We help thousands of Americans to find drug and alcohol rehabs near you. We don’t just work with local state providers, we have a network of addiction treatment providers and additional help and support so that no matter where your addiction takes you, we’ll have the treatment you need to confront it and stay sober. 

In this post, we are going to look at the prescription drugs that are commonly abused and the signs that someone you know is abusing a prescription. 

Which Prescription Drugs Are Most Commonly Abused? 

Though just about any medication can become addictive, certain prescription drugs are more commonly abused. Knowing which ones are commonly abused will help you when taking care of a loved one. 

The top of the list for abused prescriptions is opioids. Opioids have been a serious issue in America for many years now due to the addictive potential of the drugs combined with their widespread use. Opioids have become such a problem that numerous restrictions have been placed on their use, but being that substitutes are limited, doctors still have to prescribe them in large numbers. 

Benzodiazepines are the second most abused class of drugs. These drugs are primarily used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, seizures and other brain conditions. These medications are highly addictive as well, but the main concern is that people placed on these drugs need to remain on them for treatment of their condition, making them all the more likely to become addicted. 

Other types of drugs are also abused, including stimulants, barbiturates, and hallucinogens, but these are less likely than the two mentioned above. The important thing is to monitor your loved one and take note of any symptoms or changes in behavior to be able to get them help as quickly as possible.  

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse 

There are certain behaviors that are able to indicate if a person is abusing a prescription or has an addiction to a prescription medication. 

The most noticeable and common symptom of prescription drug abuse is when a person starts taking their prescription in a different manner than intended. This can mean taking more than the recommended dose of the medication or changing how you ingest the medication, switching from taking a pill to smoking or injecting it. 

Another indicator is if they start to distance themselves from friends and family in favor of taking the medication. People who become addicted tend to become more secretive and shy away from people, sometimes out of shame and sometimes out of a general disinterest that develops due to the addiction. 

Finally, if they can no longer acquire the drug they are addicted to, they may start to engage in drug-seeking behavior, including asking for other people’s prescriptions or even stealing. This is when their personal situation can grow worse, as they may face legal or financial complications as a result of their addiction. 

How Find Luxury Rehabs Can Help 

It can be tough watching a person, especially a loved one, become addicted. Prescription addictions can be tricky to deal with because the person may still need the medication they are addicted to, so it takes a dedicated team of addiction specialists to control the amount of medication a person gets without feeding their addiction. 

That’s why Find Luxury Rehabs is here to help. We have service providers that provide high-end excellent care for all types of addictions, including prescription drugs. Our focus is on finding you the best treatment available for your addiction in your area, but we can also find you an out-of-town rehab if you prefer, and we have follow-up care and support available as well. We will ensure you get the help you need, where you need it, so you can focus on getting over your addiction and moving on to a happy and successful life. Visit us today for help finding luxury drug and alcohol rehabs near you.


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