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How to Convince Someone to Get Help For Drug Addiction

2023-08-15 17:44:38

How to Convince Someone to Get Help For Drug Addiction

Watching someone you love fighting a losing battle with addiction is heartbreaking to witness. You and your family are doing everything to get your loved one the help they need, but everything you try isn’t working. You may have even sent your loved one to treatment in the past, but they come back unsuccessful. Learning how to convince someone to go to rehab takes time, knowledge, and effort, but if done the right way your loved one has an excellent chance of finding lasting recovery.

This article will outline how to convince someone to go to rehab. The tips presented here will give you the confidence to provide the right help for your loved one to get into drug treatment. If your loved one is ready to get clean and sober, Find Luxury Rehabs can help! We partner with a wide network of top-tier rehabs that provide the programs and services needed to help someone you love get and stay in recovery for a lifetime.

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Why Is It Hard Convincing Someone To Go To Rehab?

On the surface, convincing someone to go to rehab should be easy—right? Your loved one should be able to see that their substance abuse is ruining their life and tearing the lives of your family and friends apart. That should be the motivation for them to seek professional help.

As you already know, that is farthest from the truth.

People fail to seek treatment because they don’t see the consequences of their behavior. Chronic drug use alters brain chemistry and functioning, and the addict is the last person to see what their addiction is doing to themselves and others. When confronted about their drug use, your loved one will deny they have a problem and may blame others for their substance abuse. 

Convincing your loved one to seek treatment is difficult because of the continuing stigma surrounding addiction. Your loved one and many other addicts are afraid to ask for help because they will be seen as defective, weak, and unworthy of help. Additionally, addicts may not seek professional treatment because they have gone to rehab in the past and were unsuccessful in completing a treatment program. While there are many reasons why addicts refuse treatment, learning how to convince someone to go to rehab in the right way provides the spark they need to seek help.

How to Convince Someone To Go To Rehab

Convincing someone to go to rehab is an art in itself. As already stated, the addict lives in a heavy state of denial. The wrong tone of voice or approach can push the addict further away from the help and support needed to get well. However, there are effective ways you can employ to get someone you love to rehab to begin the recovery process. First and most importantly, research the disease of addiction. Talk to your doctor and local addiction professionals about your loved one’s addiction and learn about all the treatment options, programs, and services that rehab provides addicts.

You need to have an honest talk with your loved one. This discussion needs to occur when your loved one is not using substances or under the influence of substances. While it may be difficult, you must keep calm, engage in active listening, and focus on the facts. It is also important to keep emotions in check and avoid getting angry or “piling on” your loved one. Focus on being empathetic to their experience and what they are going through.

Thirdly, set healthy boundaries and avoid enabling behaviors, which include paying rent, bills, or covering for their behavior. When you offer support, it is healthy to support the positive decisions they make in getting help for their substance abuse. If these approaches fail to reach your loved one, you will need to consider an organized and run intervention by experienced and licensed professionals.

Find Luxury Rehabs Will Help Your Loved One Find Recovery

If you have convinced your loved one to enter rehab, finding the right rehab can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the professionals at Find Luxury Rehabs can help you in your search. We work with a vast network of quality rehabs that feature state-of-the-art amenities, evidence-based programs, and experienced staff with years of proven experience in helping addicts from around the country. Call Find Luxury Rehabs to learn more about the types of drug rehab that may be best for you and how to find drug and alcohol rehab centers near you.


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