What is an Intervention?

If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, they might not always know the extent of their problem or how that struggle is impacting everyone around them. A Florida drug intervention is one way that you can motivate someone you care for to seek help for their behavior.


It can be very challenging to support your loved ones but direct them to get help. As any parent knows, simply telling your children how to behave doesn’t always mean they do what you say. This is true of any relationship, but what comes to addiction it’s especially challenging because the person with addiction doesn’t always see it. Sometimes they need other people to help them acknowledge their problems. Drug interventions in Florida help you do that with a structured environment that can motivate your loved one to get help.


A drug intervention is a planned process that friends and family can do either independently or with help from intervention specialists in Florida. In this process, you gather together and confront your loved ones about their origin and the consequences of their addiction. In the end, you directly ask them to accept treatment.

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What Happens During an Intervention?

If you are thinking about holding a successful drug intervention, it’s important that you:


  • Give your loved one examples that are very specific. These examples need to demonstrate how their destructive years have impacted you, your family, and your friends. Many addicts don’t realize their addiction is hurting others. Sharing these stories might help shed some light on the fact that other family members know about the addiction and are impacted by it.


  • Offer a pre-arranged treatment plan with a rehab facility that includes clear goals and guidelines for what treatment looks like. It can be terrifying for someone struggling with addiction to accept help and to go to treatment. There are a number of reasons why this is. Many people are frightened that they will fail and have no one to blame but themselves. Others are worried about the legal repercussions of getting into trouble. Having a plan and discussing what the treatment looks like might help eliminate some of these fears or apprehensions in your loved ones.


  • Explain exactly what you and other members of the family or friends will do if your loved one doesn’t accept treatment. Sometimes family members and friends accidentally encourage bad behavior, but setting clear boundaries might force your loved one to realize they can’t take advantage of other people and do have to get help.


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What is an Intervention Specialist?

One of the best tips for drug interventions is to consider using intervention specialists in Florida to increase the chances of success. An intervention specialist is a professional. They are usually a licensed individual who can help take into account the particular circumstance surrounding your loved one and make suggestions for successfully holding an intervention.


They might encourage you to invite religious leaders if your loved one happens to be religious. They might also ask you to consider bringing a therapist or counselor to the meeting.


One of the big reasons it can be urgent to have someone at present is that they can act as a sort of mediator, guiding the discussion and the flow of the intervention. They also allow you to hold the intervention at a neutral location, usually their office.


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How to Hold a Successful Intervention?

When you are ready to hold a Florida drug intervention, make sure you follow these steps:


Plan the Intervention

Among the many tips holding a successful intervention is to limit the number of people who are present. An intervention team shouldn’t be more than six people or so, and it should include individuals that your loved one respects, loves, or depends on. It might be a leader from your loved one’s face, adult relatives, a best friend, and an intervention specialist.


Don’t include anyone you think would create a problem. If someone in the family might not be able to limit what they say or also has unmanaged health concerns, they can write a short letter that someone else can read during the intervention. In fact, this can be true of anyone. You are more than welcome to extend the invitation to all family members and friends while still only allowing six or so people to be physically present.


Collect Information

After you know who will be present, all groups must do some research and gather information. This might include figuring out what type of drug paraphernalia family members have seen relates to which drugs your family member might be taking. But most importantly, this is where you research different types of treatments and treatment facilities that might be able to help your loved one, like Prevail Recovery. 


Decide on Consequences

Everyone must decide ahead of time what the consequences will be on a personal level if their loved one doesn’t accept treatment. If you are a mother and your 22-year-old son lives at home with you and is addicted to drugs, you might decide that the consequence of not getting treatment is being asked to move out.


Make Notes

Each person who is part of the intervention team should make notes about what they want to say, describing individual incidents that demonstrate the way addiction has caused problems like Financial issues or emotional struggles. This could be something as simple as that mother talking about how her son disappears for multiple nights at a time, and she stays up late worrying about him. When she’s tired and unable to work properly, and when he comes home, he might behave differently, leave a messy house or have mood swings. 


How to Find a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Florida

One of the biggest tips for drug interventions is having a drug and alcohol treatment center on standby. If your intervention goes well and your family member is willing to get help, you need to be able to direct them toward a facility that can offer treatment services suitable to their situation.

  • Check on flexibility: You want a rehab center that offers things like medical detox for severe addictions to things like opioids, prescriptions, or alcohol, as well as partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services for people who might not be able to afford the cost or time off required of long-term rehab. 
  • Find the right plan: Facilities that specialize in dual diagnosis services can help treat underlying mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, PTSD, trauma, or depression alongside addiction.
  • Pick appropriate therapies: Different facilities specialize in treatment services. With drug interventions in Florida, you might want a facility that specializes in holistic therapies like art therapy and wilderness therapy, as well as nutritional counseling and ongoing 12-step programs.


Why Prevail Recovery is the Best Outpatient Rehab in Florida

A big part of staging drug interventions in Florida is having a rehab facility ready and waiting in case things go well. With Prevail Recovery, you and your family are in good hands. Our facility was founded by people who triumphed over their own addictions and who know what types of treatment services actually work.


Holding a successful drug intervention might require help from intervention specialists in Florida because families don’t know how best to present the impact addiction has had without unnecessary guilt or shame. Families don’t always know how to communicate without making the situation worse. 


That is why Prevail Recovery includes the family when it comes to certain therapies so that everyone gets a chance to better understand addiction. Integrating spouses, partners, children, or parents can give everyone insight into how addiction works and how to best support someone as they go through the arduous path toward long-term sobriety. 


Ready to stage your intervention? Let Prevail Recovery be your resource center for top-rated drug rehab in Florida.

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