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Overview of Multiplan & Addiction Treatment

Aetna is a health insurance provider with a wide range of insurance plans for nearly 40 million customers. Aetna works with 1.2 million professionals and another 700,000 specialists and doctors, offering medical services and addiction treatment. 


If you have Aetna health insurance, you might be able to apply your insurance benefits to things like an Aetna drug and alcohol rehab. Some Aetna rehab facilities are covered entirely, and others are only partially covered by your insurance plan.


The amount of Aetna drug coverage you can receive is based on things like:

  • Inpatient versus outpatient rehab, though Aetna insurance policies usually cover either
  • The dollar amount covered by your policy
  • The location of your rehab centers 
  • The level of care within your program
  • How long have you received treatment


The fastest way to determine whether you have Aetna insurance alcohol rehab coverage is to call their insurance helpline to verify your plan or reach out to Prevail Recovery Center directly. We can verify whether our center accepts Aetna and to what degree on your behalf. 

MultiPlan Insurance Cover Rehab

MultiPlan-Covered Addiction Treatment

MultiPlan Insurance Rehab Options

MultiPlan insurance coverage consists of vast, complex plans. If you have an insurance policy through MultiPlan you can get essential mental health services and coverage for substance abuse treatment. If you have a MultiPlan insurance provider which works within the network, then a percentage of your therapy, medications, and other services will be covered. 

Do Rehab Centers Accept MultiPlan Insurance?

Yes, rehab centers within the network will accept MultiPlan insurance for MultiPlan drug and alcohol treatment.

Mental Health Care

Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction also struggle with coexisting mental health disorders. If you enter MultiPlan rehab, you can use your insurance coverage to pay for treatment like detoxification and ongoing mental health support. This can come in the form of different behavioral therapy, counseling, family therapy, even medications to manage your condition.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is more likely to be covered under your policy if you choose a network provider. Finding a facility within the network means you can enjoy more appealing deductibles that make your treatment more affordable. The cheaper your treatment is, the more likely you will get the ongoing care you deserve. 

Learn How Long MultiPlan Will Cover Rehab

How Long Will MultiPlan Insurance Cover Rehab?

This depends on the coverage you have. MultiPlan has many policies, each of which provides different levels of care. Some plans cover 30-day treatment programs; others cover up to 90 days for inpatient or outpatient treatment. If MultiPlan decides that your situation warrants an inpatient stay, they can help you find suitable detoxification services in Florida, intensive outpatient rehab, partial hospitalization, and other outpatient services. 

Our Addiction Treatment Center Accepts MultiPlan

How to Find Treatment That Accepts MultiPlan Insurance

If you are ready to find MultiPlan insurance rehab centers, you can find treatments in one of two ways. 

  1. First, you can contact MultiPlan directly to confirm your policy coverage.
  2. Second, you can let Prevail Recovery do this for you. Our facility accepts MultiPlan insurance for our range of treatment options. If you need outpatient services, we can help you determine which insurance provider covers therapies and holistic modalities. We make it easy to verify your benefits on your behalf and then explain what coverage is available to you. 


Your treatment plan needs to be highly personalized. What treatment is best for your situation, what medications you may or may not need, and what types of therapy work best should be customized to your problem. Our team of professionals can help make expert recommendations and then verify benefits for the recommended recovery plan. 


Types of Rehab Covered 

There are restrictions and limitations on the services covered based on your insurance plan. What’s more, comprehensive drug rehab can include:

  • Multiple types of treatment plans.
  • Starting with things like initial detoxification.
  • In-patient care.
  • Partial hospitalization.
  • Traditional outpatient care.


Given how confusing this can be, Prevail Recovery works hard to help you understand your benefits and what is covered. We provide an array of services, and we work with you to help you better understand what we suggest for your situation and what is covered. Enabling to verify your insurance benefits will help you avoid an unexpected lapse in your coverage because of financial confusion. We work hard to help you get the treatment you need without worrying about how much it will cost. 


How Much is Covered?

How much of your rehab is covered by insurance is based entirely on the insurance plan you have. It might surprise you just how many treatment services are covered and just how many therapies and alternative treatments we can provide you. Even though this company does have very supportive substance abuse and addiction recovery resources, it’s still a very individualized process. 


For that reason, you must get an individual assessment with Prevail Recovery. Our team can help you verify what rehab treatment is best for your situation. During an evaluation, we can determine whether you are struggling with coexisting mental health disorders in addition to drug or alcohol addiction and make a recommendation for the best course of action. We can also reach out to your insurance provider on your behalf in a fast and efficient manner to figure out what is covered under your policy and how we can help you offset any remaining costs.


How Can I Confirm My Benefits?

Verifying the insurance benefits you have is an integral part of the process. You need to know how much of your therapy or rehab is covered by your insurance provider and whether it’s financially feasible to get the treatment you need. That is why our staff at our drug rehab in Ft. Lauderdale is here to help by making that process as simple as possible. When you contact Prevail Recovery Center, we can go over what type of health insurance you have, reach your provider on your behalf, and explain which benefits you have and how you can use them to get the support you need at our facility.


Let Prevail Recovery help you with your MultiPlan rehab today. 

Learn What Your Insurance Can Provide

What is Included in Aetna Insurance Programs?

Aetna Insurance company works hard to make sure you get the treatment you need before problems get worse. That is why a big part of their company policy is implementing screening programs. The screening programs allow doctors to evaluate situations where things like alcoholism might exist during part of your regular Healthcare exams. Suppose you believe you have an addiction and are struggling to get help. In that case, Aetna Insurance will still verify your situation with their screening tools and then help you find in-network coverage or out-of-network coverage based on the policy you have. 


Aetna insurance programs cover inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, as well as detoxification services, and medications that might be a vital part of your recovery.


How long Aetna will cover rehab is based on the plan you have and your evaluation. However, approved treatment centers can typically provide between 1 and 6 weeks of inpatient treatment plans and between 4 and 12 weeks of outpatient treatment plans. 


Prevail Recovery Accepts Aetna Insurance

Our IOP in Ft. Lauderdale accepts Aetna insurance, so if you need Aetna insurance covered alcohol rehab treatment in South Florida, reach out to us today. 


How can I find out if my Aetna health insurance benefits include drug or alcohol rehab?

When you reach out to our staff at Prevail, we can verify your benefits quickly and easily. When you fill out our contact form, we will confirm your insurance provider, policy, and coverage. You can also contact Aetna to verify your coverage. It is free to verify what level of coverage you have. This is an entirely confidential process, with no one knowing that your insurance provider was contacted. Any information you choose to share with us about your Aetna coverage will also remain confidential. 


If you accept my insurance, do I have to commit to treatment?

Once we work with you to find out what your Aetna coverage includes, you are free to make your choice. You are under no obligation to remain with us even if we verify that your insurance will cover everything. We know that getting help can be challenging, and if you know what is covered by your policy makes things easier. 


Our staff works hard to find the appropriate level of Aetna drug and alcohol rehab and treatment for yourself or your loved ones. We are trained in verifying Aetna benefits and having honest discussions about the coverage options and costs. If you reach out and determine that our center does not meet your needs, we can help point you in another direction. 


Confirm your Aetna benefits with Prevail today and get the help you deserve!

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